Sixx's Sister

Amethyst is Andy Biersack's little sister. But only by marriage, yet they are extreamly close. Cameron, Andy's on again/ off again boyfriend develops a secret. Amey struggles to mask her real feelings and things get wild.


4. The Problem With Bitching

Amey's POV

As I walked along side Miranda Chadwick through the hall, I swear not one word that came out of those fake lips ever asked approval from her oxygen deprived brain. 

"You better hope that this thing wont have to get surgically removed, Biersack!" she threatened.

"pffttt, or what? You'll steal my youth?" I laughed. Her beaty eyes glared at me. I shrugged it off and rolled my eyes at her stupidity. Its only duck taped to the side of her face. Removing it isnt exactly rocket science.

    I opened the door to the office, not waiting for her prissy ass to speed up the pace and let it slam behind me. 

"Ahh, Chadwick, Biersack. Your teacher called me in advance." She nodded at us, "Amey, your brother and that Vance kid were in here this morning." She said, gesturing to the pile of ripped up notes on the desk. "Take a seat and Mr.Widman will be in to see you shortly." 

I took a seat in the front room and waited for yet another lecture. You see, Andy is the goodie-goodie. Me however, heh i'm the bad ass. I hoped i wouldnt get detention or anything, though i did have a free 'get out of jail' card. 

Me: Hey yo brotherr <3 

Andy: You put a heart... what did you do?

Me: nuffinggg i just need your help wif sumfthingg

Andy: merrr fine, what chu need?

Me: Well i'm currently in the office right now so.. yepp

Andy: Amey! You retard! What did u do?!?!

Me: I maybe might have accidently been playing dodge ball, and i might have put double back tape on it and slammed some cunt in the back of the head and it stuck to the side of her face....

Andy: I'll be there in a minute.

Andy arrived in the office right as the PA came in to begin his lecture.

"Amey, heh." Andy said nerviously. "We gotta go home, I uhh, something is weird with my uh growth on my ass and mum wants you to deflate it." He nodded... what an idiot! Widman nodded and excused us to leave. Ha, oh boy was i gonna owe andy one.


Andy's POV 

I swear, one day i'm not going to be able to bail Amey out.I dont know what it is that makes her seem so invincible. She always gets her self in trouble, but can never seem to get herself out of it. Though it was always worth it to save face.

I pulled Amey out of the office and down the hall to grab Cameron. Just as I approached his first period Amey starts cackling like a hyena.

"Whats so funny? My lame excuse or did you have another evil plan in action?"

"huehuehue, the second one.."

"Oh for the love of-" Just before I finish, I hear a loud CRACK! from inside the classroom. Cameron runs out and flings a bowl of baby powder in my face.

"Lets go!!!" Cameron yells as him and Amey take off down the hall.

God, what have I gotten myself into?


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