Sixx's Sister

Amethyst is Andy Biersack's little sister. But only by marriage, yet they are extreamly close. Cameron, Andy's on again/ off again boyfriend develops a secret. Amey struggles to mask her real feelings and things get wild.


1. The Apple Never Falls Too Far...


Beaten, bullied, harassed, abused. On the edge of death. I fight it every day, slicing all the pain away. Watching my worries bleed away, Until you find me. Lying there, alone. Helpless and going cold. What will you do? Will you join me, Or cry. Would you point and laugh, glad I'm gone. Or would you blame yourself? Could you bare walking past my now vacant room every day? Or would you smile every time you did? Would you scream at the one you pray to? Asking him why he had to take me? Because, it's not him who took me. I took myself. My choice. Are you finally happy?

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