Sixx's Sister

Amethyst is Andy Biersack's little sister. But only by marriage, yet they are extreamly close. Cameron, Andy's on again/ off again boyfriend develops a secret. Amey struggles to mask her real feelings and things get wild.


3. Love You so,

Amey's POV

       I was use to feeling the pain and emptiness, it was an everyday thing. There's only one person who can give me the confidence and security that I so desperately need.

      "Amey, wake up! I don't want to be late," Andy says, lightly shaking me. I closed my eyes tighter. I turn over, facing the wall. I hear him get off the edge of the bed and walk out the door.

      "AMEY!" Andy growls, "WAKE UP, WAKE UP!" I open my eyes wide and sit up, looking at Andrew. He has a microphone in his hand.

      "Was that really necessary?" I ask.

      "Well, your up now right?"

       "No," I say, diving back beneath the covers.

       "Oh no you don't!" He says, tackling me and grabbing my foot, pulling me from my soft sheets.

       "Andyyy!" I whine as I fall on the floor. "Thanks, that really hurt!"

       "Well, I wouldn't have to if you would just GET UP!" I rolled my eyes and got up from the floor.

      "Out, now!" I say, pushing Andy out the door. I get dressed, putting on eyeliner and flat ironing my hair. I grab my Attila bag and my phone, meeting Cameron and Andy on the front stoop.

We walk to the middle school by our house, getting dirty looks as people walk by us. We were the misfits. The emos, the freaks. But at the end of the day, no one really gave a shit. I walked past Andy's locker. Seeing the stuff the rednecks must have taped to the door.




You could tell it was the redneck group because there were a lot of spelling errors. I laughed, who knew eighth graders could be soo stupid. Andy ripped the pieces of notebook paper from the metal and walked to the office with Cameron, leaving me alone. Oh boy, this would be interesting, I thought.

     I walked to my first period class and was immediately greeted by about fifteen paper airplanes right to the face.

"Good morning, miss. bearsack," said my teacher, Mr.squires.

"Its Biersack thank you very much." I retorted, rolling my eyes and continuing to walk to my place on the gym floor.

"Okay class, now that everyone is here lets begin. Today we'll be playing Dodge ball!" He said, rubbing his hands together.

He brought out the foam balls and quickly got out of the way as the frenzy began.

I grabbed a stray ball and slapped a piece of double stick duck tape onto it.

"Hey emo, Over here!" Screeched one of the peroxide blondes. I laughed as I threw the ball at the mat behind her.

"Haha, ya missed!"

The ball hit the mat and bounced off the wall, making the tape side hit her in the back of the head. Her eyes grew big in shock as she ran to the teacher, pointing at me.

"Biersack, Chadwick, to the office now!" He yelled. I rolled my eyes again as I grabbed my stuff and walked to the main building.






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