•Zero Romance•

Seli a 20 year old who is an actress in the rising Her only goal is to rise to the top and get recognized be loved from fans but their is just one problem rivalry with not other than Marcus the most handsome actor in the industry They just happen to be rivals since high school in Acting class always trying to get the spot but luckily her friend Park has always been by her side until he went to study out of the country leaving Seli all by herself can she rise to the top without her best friend beside her or will she be a rookie forever and get thrown to the corner. With rivalry overcome love ? Or love overcome rivalry ?


2. •The Start•

"Seli I have something to tell you"Park says to me 

"What is it "I answer 

"I'm going out of state to study "he says 

"Why " I cry out 

"I'm sorry I didn't want to " he answers apologetic 

"Are you leaving for how long '" I reply 

"A year " he says 

"Ok will you call me " I told him 

"Of course " he says smiling 

That was 1 years ago at that time I was senior year of high school I graduated as a second why ? 

Well because Marcus may rival since high school graduated with top of our senior class 

Don't you ever have that feeling when you think you did something so well done but then someone does that 10x times better than yours 

Yep, that's what my feelings were through my high school years 

Being 2nd in everything hatted it 

Now that I'm a collage freshman In Star finder I plan to make my dreams become reality to be a top star 

I won't be seeing Marcus anymore so long forever 

Seli this will be where you will be sleeping says a school tour girl 

Ok so will I share room with anyone I ask her since its coed you have a chance of sharing a room with a guy just kidding . You have your own room. 

My room although its not big it's pretty decent bathroom , tub , kitchen . Microwave etc and a nice refrigerator I'm so happy but something ruined my mood 
I see at the next door the name says ....

My next door neighbor is Marcus my rival . 

What ? Why ? Did I deserve this ? 

How can out of all the acting schools go to this one ! 

I'm freaking out I can't believe this !! 

All my years of searching for the perfect most good and talented school to help my acting . He had to choose the same one 

That's like getting a blue marble out of 9 red marbles in the bag .

"What I can't believe this " I said out loud 

" What can't you believe" the tour girl asked 

Um.. I have a question to ask you I told her 

"Yes ask away" she said 

Marcus this guy is he like tall , green eyes , dark brown hair and dresses very at fashion 

"OMG, yes how did you know she said smiling 

No I though it was bad enough in high school now college 

Why me I though 

All of a sudden I hear a bunch of girls say " it Marcus the guy in our chemistry class he's in my English class . 

I can't believe I'm neighbors with my rival aka enemy 

Does earth hate me that make I though 

I tried to run to the next exit when I hear . 

"Seli you couldn't live without me so you followed me here " he says in a sarcastic tone 

"Like I would actually follow you " I smirked 

"Hey is my neighbor having temper issues " he says 
"It's probably that time of the month " he teases 

"It's not just shut up !!! " I yell loud enough that I end up getting everyone's eyes in my direction 

I feel so embarrassed that I just run and find a place to hide 

Why did you have to leave Park ? 

I'm all alone 

You said you would call me 

Where are you ? 

I need you. 

Tears begin flowing through my cheeks and my eyes become blurry.

All of a sudden someone taps my shoulder 

I turn around its a guy I can't make out his face 

All I could see we was wearing green sneakers 

" Are you ok " he asked 

All I did was stare at his sneakers 

"Um. Do you want me to take you to the nurse " he said 

The sun was so bright and I forgot to eat that I felt so dizzy the sun was piercing I could help it I was beginning to feel light headed 

And then I blacked out 

When I woke up I was laying in a bed but it wasn't a school bed 

It was a normal bed 

I jumped "where am I " I thought 

Then I see a figure of a guy he is wearing a red t-shirt and black gym shorts with the green sneakers 

"Oh your awake sorry for bring you to my room but it was the closest place " he told me grinning 

"Who are you " I said 

"I'm Ben I just moved here a couple of days ago " he told me 

" And you are" he asked curious 

" I'm Seli I just moved in today " I told him I don't know why but he seems pretty familiar . 

"Seli I like that name " Ben said smiling 

My phone rang 

"Hello " I answered 

" Seli where are you acting class stars in 3 minutes hurry up " my friend yelled 

"Oh no I forgot " I thought

"Ill be right there " I tell her and hang up 

"Um .... Ben I have to go thanks for everything " I said rushing out the door 

"Your welcome Seli , see you next time" he said waving 

Why did this happen to me just coming to the school and already in a guys room why? I though 

Stop thinking I said to myself 

The future awaits me . 

( DID you like the first chapter so much happened already who would have guessed being in a coed acting college and on top of that Marcus as her next door neighbor. And who is the guy Ben . Why didn't Park call her in the last year . 
I really hope you like this chapter and remember vote, comment, follow, and message me ) 

•next chapter surprise •

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