•Zero Romance•

Seli a 20 year old who is an actress in the rising Her only goal is to rise to the top and get recognized be loved from fans but their is just one problem rivalry with not other than Marcus the most handsome actor in the industry They just happen to be rivals since high school in Acting class always trying to get the spot but luckily her friend Park has always been by her side until he went to study out of the country leaving Seli all by herself can she rise to the top without her best friend beside her or will she be a rookie forever and get thrown to the corner. With rivalry overcome love ? Or love overcome rivalry ?


1. •Introducion•

Love is something I don't understand what's the meaning of this word ? I never felt that warm cozy feeling when a guy hugs you before so I don't know what's the big deal .

I have been hugged and kissed but its just something I'm use to that because I'm an actress in the rising ok a rookie but I don't really like that definition but it wouldn't be for long.

My only goal is to rise to the top and have fans that love me 

" I love you Seli says this guy " I don't know why these words are so emotional I just don't understand why their so special 

"Cut " says the director 
" Seli come here "he tells me he explained to me that I don't understand ( this love feeling) I don't know what he means by these "feelings" what is that suppose to mean 

After practice was over I went to search for couples 
( kissing, holding hands, saying I love you) what is special about this.

In this profession their is just one little object that stands in me rising to the top ,my rival You think it's a girl right, well no (it's a guy ) 
Marcus the top actor in the industry named "Star Finder motto ( " you can achieve anything with hard work and a sincere heart ") I really believe in this ,it's just why does he have to be ( " in the top") . 

Marcus and I have been rivals ever since high school we always battled in every subject but what I dislike the most is he wasn't just good at everything he also excelled in acting .

But there is a bright side in my life my best friend Park we meant ever since middle school he is my guardian angel always their when I need him, his the sun to my gloomy days one time I though I was have a cozy feeling but it wasn't that I had a fever of 103 degrees that wasn't fun . 

All I want I my life is to be " TOP STAR'' 

( Hi liked the prologue of • Zero Romance • I hope you did if you liked it don't forget to vote, follow and comment I have decide to keep this story their was many others I was thinking of but this one had a strong vibe . I will go along with this story I hope you put it I your favorite list every month is a new chapter it's will be pretty long so I hope you stick with me till the end Like a Pinky Promise :) 

• First Chapter September 30 •

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