Skinny Love - Niall Horan

❝ I'll protect you no matter what, okay? I-I love you so much, I don't want him to take you away from me.❞

Niall isn't perfect, he fights, he falls in love and most of all he protects one girl that has changed his life. But in all reality who is perfect? we're all the same on the inside, but will Niall be able to make her stay a little longer than she wants too?


1. Moving in

"Breanna C'mon." My mom yelled from the truck, I grabbed my phone and then ran outside towards the truck, "c'mon!" She honked the horn and I opened the door.

"My god woman, didn't you see me coming across the street?" I laughed and buckled my seat belt.

"Uh yeah, but you were walking like a slug."

"Mom, slugs can't walk, they uh what do they do? Uh slither? Yeah."

She laughed and pulled out of our old drive way, "still, you're a slug sweetie."

"I'd prefer sloth ma."

"Fine, Breanna Sloth Ashford."

"Sounds sick, maybe i'll get my name legally changed to that,"

"You're such a weirdo, ugh!"

"And you're such a drama queen," I told her and she laughed, Sexy & i know it came on and ma turned it up, she started to sing and I couldn't stop laughing.

"I'm sexy and I know it!

Uh yeah,

Wiggle, wiggle , wiggle


"Mom! Please! I bag you, please stop before I die."


"Don't tell me to shush." I laughed and she smiled, "how much longer until we get to the new house?"

"Not to long, now remember, John has a two year old daughter."

"I know mom, I hope she likes me."

"Don't worry, she will!"

"I still can't believe you went to His place with out me though."

"I know, I'm sorry, but John needed help."

"Yeah yeah, I know I heard the story before!" I took my phone out and texted Olivia.

Me: I'm going to miss you so much liv! Ugh, wish you could of came.

Liv: I know, maybe I could come visit? Yeah know, my mothers sister does live there.

Me: yeah yeah, hope you can come sooner! I have to spend summer break alone!

Liv: aw poor Bre Bre.

Me: shut up liv, I gotta go! I think we're here.

Liv: text me later bebz :*** xoxo

Me: pure such a freak, haha but okay bebz ;;) xxoxx

"We're here!" My mom said, she turned the car off and ran inside, I sighed and got out of the car.

I walked towards the house and notice a boy in the neighbors yard playing soccer with a curly haired boy. He looked over at me and smiled, I turned my head so that I could face the ground and not him.

"C'mon Breanna! Alice wants to meet you." Ma yelled from the front door, I smiled and ran inside.

A little girl with brown curly hair came running towards me , well not running, mostly falling. She smiled at me and I noticed she had dimples, she had huge brown eyes and was really tiny.

"He-llow." She stuttered out and I picked her up, she played with my hair and I smiled.

"I'm Breanna!" I told her, she nodded her head and continued to play with my brown curls.

"She likes you." A man said from behind me, I turned around and smiled, "I'm John! Nice to meet you." He returned the smile and put his hand out for me to shake.

"Breanna." I shook his hand with my free one and Alice giggled.

"I-I wike your hawr." She twirled a piece of it around her finger and then she laughed again.

"She can speak a lot for her age." I told John, he laughed and patted Alice's back.

"She can catch onto things very quickly, she's a smart one I tell yeah!"

"Indeed she is." My mother finally spoke, "c'mon lets go get your bags from the car and we'll bring it to your new room."

I nodded and passed John Alice, he shook his head and passed me her again, "Me and your mom will go get our bags! You and Alice go see your new room, it's up the stairs and to your right."

I nodded and carried Alice up the stairs, I turned right and opened the door, I gasped at how bigger it was from my old room.

It was white and there was one wall with red, there was a huge widow on the red wall and to looked out to the other house, yeah know the one with the boy?

The house's were close together so the windows were quiet close that you could look into one another, I'm just hoping that's not one of the boys rooms..

I placed Alice on my new big bed and she laid down, I walked around the room and noticed there was another door. I opened it slowly and noticed it was a bathroom, seriously! I get my own bath room? Sick!

I also had a walk in closet, was John rich or something? Well ma did say he was a doctor. Ma and John walked into my room and placed my bags down, "There we go." Mom said and rubbed her hands together,

"Here, ill take Alice so you can unpack." John said, he picked Alice up and left the room.

"So, how are you liking Mullingar so far?" Mom asked me, she looked out my window and laughed,

"I really like it, John is so nice! And oh how I adore Alice."

"You girls look the same, same hair and dimples."

"Yeah, she's the cutest! I love her eyes, but I prefer my greenish grey eyes."

"Yeah she is, I'm going to go unpack my things, ill tell you when dinner is ready."

I nodded my head and she left the room, I grabbed a box that said 'fragile' and opened it, it had my pictures and posters in them.

I took out one of the photos and smiled at it, it was a picture of me, Live and a few other friends, we were all posing for the camera while fireworks were in the background.

I still remember that day as if it was yesterday, right after the photo was taken Charles and Drew pushed me and Liv into the lake.

We were move pissed and ended up making the boys jump in, we had a blast.

I placed the photo on the wall were there was a nail, John had left a few nails and a hammer for me.

I grabbed another photo and smiled again, it was a photo of me and my dad... It was my sixteenth birthday, few days before he passed away.

I placed the photo above my bed and continued to go through them, the last photo was recently taken, it was me and Liv hugging goodbye.

I put that on the window sill, I looked outside of the window and noticed the sunset, suddenly the light in the neighbors window turned on. I looked in the window, yeah it's creepy for me to do but I want to know who's room it is, yeah know? Just in case.

I noticed the blond boy pacing back and forth, he stopped by the window and opened the curtains, he smiled when he noticed me looking and he opened his window.

He was talking but I couldn't hear since my window was close, I tried to open it but it wouldn't budge, then I noticed it was locked and I felt embarrassed.

"Hello love." He smiled at me,

"Uh hi."

"I'm Niall." He reached his hand over and I reached over and shook it,

"I'm Breanna Sloth Ashford." I laughed and he looked confused.

"Is that your real middle name?"

"No, my mom made it up before we left Dublin."

"Ah I see, I knew I never seen you around here,"

"Yeah, uh." I shrugged my shoulders, "well I got to go." He nodded his head and I closed my window, he waved good bye and I waved back.

"Breanna, dinner is ready." I heard my mom yell from down stairs,

"Okay, I'm coming." I replied and ran down the stairs, "what did you make?" I asked, the smell of whatever it was made me smile, "it smells so good!"

"Why thank you , it's my family's recipe." John smiled and places a plate of spaghetti in front of me,

I took a fork full of spaghetti in my mouth and groaned, "this is amazing! Thank you."

"Haha, no need to thank me! we're practically family."

I smiled at him and continued to eat this amazing food, "Breanna." My mother said, I turned my gaze from the food to her.

"I need to ask you a favour."

"Okay, shoot."

"We need you to babysit Alice tomorrow, John wants to take me out."

"Yeah, sure." I simply answered and she smiled, "I'd like to get to know her better even though she is one."

"At least you won't be bored, she loves to play." John said, "Take her out to the back yard and she'll be playing lots of different stuff."

"Sounds fun." I laughed, I do imagine that Alice is my sister even though we just met today, she's like my real sister since she looks like me.

"We'll I'm off to bed, good night." John smiled and him & ma left, Alice was already in bed so it was just me.

I sighed and placed my plate in the sink, I walked up stairs and went up my room, I close the door behind me and went to my dresser.

I pulled out a pair of shorts and a take top, I slipped my jeans off and put the shorts on, I took my shirt off and put on my other shirt. I threw them into the laundry basket and went on my phone, I pressed on contacts and searched up 'Liv'.

Me: hey Liv, just wanted to tell you that I love it here so far, John is such a sweet heart and ugh Alice is just adorable. Anyways, it's nearly ten and I'm best tired, ill message you in the morning! Night :)

I turned my phone off and went under the covers, I closed my eyes and fell asleep, today was a good day.


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