the great war

Mary lou and her family have been moved out of there house and into the bomb shelter in the middle of a horrendous war.


5. The Change

 After Momma let me go, I knew I had to make a change for the better. Not only for my life but for my family's. I couldn't stand living like this anymore; not knowing if my Daddy was ever gonna come home or even if he was alive. These are things you have to know as somebody of my age. I got up scared for my life and walked out the door of the storm shelter.


As I walked out I could hear the screams of my Momma, ''What has gotten into you Mary. I can't afford to lose you.'' I kept walking, her wails fading in the distance. My first look at the world around me wasn't as beautiful as I hoped it would have been. Blood, bodies strewn across the road, glass, bullets through everything. ''They have been here.'' I thought to myself as I started to cry. My emotions were flowing. I felt brave, I got the guts to get out here. Sad, I had left my home. Leaving Momma scared. And know I was scared, where was my Daddy? Was he one of the bodies I saw. I wanted to turn back but I couldn't. I made myself a promise and one thing my Daddy taught me, a promise is never forgotten.

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