Heir of the dead

A dying boy gets brought back to life for a second chance, only to find out he is now in for the fight of his life with Vampires. The leader brought him back but was murdered the same night. Now he is heir to vampire clan and nobody want to see him there alive. Can he survive now as a vampire with everyone coming after him?


1. On my Death Bed


I groaned. My hospital bed creaked and groaned in agony and I kept adjusting myself, the springs digging into my side. I turned my head and looked at the white curtain, from the ceiling and draping over the floor. I could see through the curtain, making out shapes and blurs easily. The ones half-white and blue were nurses, white ones were patients and all blue were paramedics. I sighed and threw my head back on the over fluffed pillows, the small feathers poking the back of my neck.
The nurse walked into my room, holding a clipboard to her face. Her blonde hair flowed down her shoulders and it shone in the flickering light. She lowered the clipboard and smiled softly with her seemingly perfect face. She walked over beside me and layed her cool hand on my forehead. Or was my head just really hot? I know she was.
She pouted her beautiful red lips and looked me in the eyes. Her eyes were so unique, I never saw anyone with them before. They were a bright blue with such sharp loops around the pupil. The pupil itself was a deep, black hole with no end. There was something strange and scary about her eyes but they were so mesmerising, I couldn’t look away.
“Daniel? Danny boy, yoo-hoo!” she giggled and messed up my brown hair. She smiled and poked my shoulder softly, getting my attention. 
I tilted my head giving her a confused look. “Huh?” I ask avoiding eye contact with her. “Sorry, did you say something Angel?”
Angel smiled and rolled her eyes. I scooted over on the bed and she sat beside me. She looked around and frowned. “Daniel, something went wrong with the tests...” She started. She stopped when she looked at me; I bet my face looked pretty scared. Angel grabbed my shoulder and squeezed hard but not painfully hard. “You’re not going to make it to the end of the week.”
I sucked in a deep breath and choked a little. I started coughing, hunching my back and huddling myself to my knees. I felt her hand hovering over my back as I coughed into my hands. I sat up slowly, my eyes half shut and watering. My throat like I had just swallowed a cactus and gasoline had just been poured down. I blinked away the water in my eyes and looked down at my hands. My eyes were still blurry but I could see red. A lot of red. I groaned and turned away, the blood making me uncomfortable.
Angel took out a cloth and dabbed away the blood, careful to get rid of all of it. She threw it away and took her place beside me again. She rubbed my back and looks me in the eyes; I could feel them boring holes into me. “Daniel... Let’s say I had a way out. Not death but it comes at a price.”
I bobbed my head with eagerness, anything to get rid of the pain. She nodded in understanding and leaned close. She whispered in my ear and as she pulled away, she brushed her lips against my neck. I shivered, the pain gone for a moment only a small moment. I watched her walk out the door and her blurry white and blue outfit through the curtain.



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