Fallen City - The Beginning of a Rewrite

The human race. 5341. The 21st century, as you might have guessed, has long-since passed. Time changed little, humans still used their little toys, their little cars and vehicles. After stopping the long-term affects of Climate change, scientists got bored. They melted back into society, never to be seen again. Sure, medicinal concoctions were still created, but no new technologies were developed. No new guns.
To be quite honest, they were a bit of a mess. A waste of space, in their little fortresses.
That was, until something stirred in the shadows.


1. Prologue

A/N This probably isn't finished, it's just something slightly random to get me started again.


A pebble skittered away from her feet. Skyscrapers rose above her head, towering like giants in her tiny world. The city walls were even taller- the tallest building only reached three quarters of the total height. It was all grey. Everything. Grey windows, with bleak, white décor shown inside. Grey concrete, encasing the grey steel structures of the buildings surrounding her. The pavements were grey, the people were grey, the road was grey. Everything in her dull, bleak world, was grey. Even Kay herself was grey, as she moved quietly through Eriness- The great city of today.

Most of the section of the city she was in currently, was all apartments. Small, stuffy rooms that barely deserved to be called a bedroom. Let alone a whole house. Generally, the owners of said apartments would furnish with tatty sofa-beds, normally some outdated console-based game, a small, shabby little room to be used for a toilet and shower, a revoltingly dirty mini-kitchen to one side, and the rest of it blank space. They didn't even use the whole place. So many didn't even bother tidying up if they had guests. No, instead they would have to step over the odd pair of underwear to get to something to sit down on.

She had to admit. Today, in 5341, the human race was in even worse a state than they were in, say, the 21st century. And god, that was a while ago.

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