Fallen City - The Beginning of a Rewrite

The human race. 5341. The 21st century, as you might have guessed, has long-since passed. Time changed little, humans still used their little toys, their little cars and vehicles. After stopping the long-term affects of Climate change, scientists got bored. They melted back into society, never to be seen again. Sure, medicinal concoctions were still created, but no new technologies were developed. No new guns.
To be quite honest, they were a bit of a mess. A waste of space, in their little fortresses.
That was, until something stirred in the shadows.


2. Chapter 1

Years and years ago, there had been another World War. Nuclear weapons were used. They devastated the landscapes of Earth, turning towns, cities and villages into dust and rubble. When World War Three had ceased, all that was left of most countries were a sorry bunch of people. Governments and monarchs had been assassinated, civilians of all nationalities murdered. In one last hope to survive, a mega-city was built, somewhere in the heart of Asia.

Survivors were gathered in, filling every single nook and cranny. It was small, to begin with, with only around a million residents. There were a few people who decided to stay out. They were quickly killed by ravenous animals. The walls of Eriness, the great city of today, as it was called, were tall, looming, plain and sturdy. Every so often, massive checks would be held, making sure no cracks had appeared in this symbol of the human strength. The city had everything it needed to keep its residents safe. It had livestock, confined within a farm, which grew most of the fruits, vegetables and crops they needed. Electricity was generated using giant solar panels, which gathered sunlight from the tallest rooftops. Waste was disposed of, sometimes being used as fuel, other times merely cast outside the great walls. Trees were grown in abundance, streets were lined with them, parks were filled with them. The city was filled with parks. Each had its own feature, some of them were flat and tree-less, whilst others were great forests. It took three weeks to cross Eriness on foot.

Subways formed the underworld, snaking from place to place, long trains carrying people to and from work. They were long, echoing tunnels, with tons of space. Everyone used them.

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