My 1D Life

Hi! My name is Bella Maree! I am married to Niall James Horan from One Direction and that had always been my dream since I was 11. I am 27 and he is 34. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, I am pregnant, with his child. We dont want to know whether it is a boy or a girl until I give birth. I am 8 and a half months along. (Hope you enjoy this story!!!!! :D)


1. chapter 1

I was sitting at home on the couch, watching TV... and eating chocolate, as I always do. Next thing I know, an interview comes up on the tv. It was One Directions interview that was happening at the moment. 

"Hi buys. How are you?" asked the interviewer. 




"good" all the boys answered except for Niall. He looked like he was sweating bullets.

"Niall? whats wrong?" the interviewer asked.

"I'm just Nervous. thats all. Because my wife, Bella, migght go into labour at this very moment and I wont be there for her." He said smiling. 

"awwww" I said. Next thing I know, the front door swings open and in comes Perrie. 

"Hey gur-" she started to say but was interupted by me screaming.

"AAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! PERRIE IT HURTS!!!!!!!!!"  I said screaming. I had a pushing pain from my vagina. My baby was coming! and NIALL WAS RIGHT!!! I grabbed my phone and unlocked it.

"PERRIE!!! CALL AN AMBULANCE!!" I screamed. she nodded and got out her phone.

I clicked on the phone Icon and called Niall. I was still sitting on the lounge and the tv was still on so I could see his reaction. 

"Niall!!!" I said trying not to scream in pain

"IS IT HAPPENING??" he screamed as he jumped up from the seat he was sitting on.

"mmmmhhhmmmmm" i said as a tear started to run down my face. 

"AAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" i screamed from the amount of pain. Niall started to run out of the room screaming " GET OUT OF THE WAY BITCHES!! MY WIFE IN IN LABOUR!" 

Perrie came into the room and the paramedics were there behind her. They got me onto the thing and started to take me to the ambulance.

"BELLA!!! IM COMING! Im right here babe. Ive got you!" he said as he jumped out of the car and ran over to me and held my hand.

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