Fighting for Love (LOUIS TOMLINSON)

It all started with the one thing that everyone needs LOVE. Some people never learned to love, trust, and have faith in any relationship. Never loved by anyone growing up as an orphan, Laura Phillip has no clue what love is or what comes with it. Louis Tomlinson was her only friend in the orphanage. Once they were old enough to leave the orphanage Laura was gone. When her and Louis meet again what will happen. When he tries to confess is attraction to her, will the truth come out? Will he finally realize all the issues that lie in her shadow? Will he be able to show her, what love is and how to love or will it all end in heartbreak for the one and only Louis?

Let’s find out.


1. The Market

Laura’s point of View


Sitting in this room all my life surrounded by kids getting adopted, it was time to get out of this hell hole.


Finally eighteen and old enough to leave, I ran out that door as fast as my legs could carry me. I ran to an apartment building and got an apartment. Before I continue let me explain who I am.

My name is Laura Phillip. I have chocolate brown eyes and medium-long brown hair with blonde highlights. When I was a 5 my mother passed and my father refused to take care of me by dropping me at an orphanage and leaving. I spent thirteen years in an orphanage as no one would take me. I made one friend my whole time there, his name was Louis. He left shortly after we started talking, so I had no one. We weren’t really all that close, but I wasn’t close with anyone after what happened in my past.

2 years later


I was getting along fine working at a local market. I didn’t really talk to anyone just minded my business. I went to work and then went home.

Today wasn’t just an ordinary day for me. I was restocking shelves when a young man tapped on my shoulder. He looked very familiar with chestnut hair laying down flat, although his eyes were covered by sunglasses.

“Can you show me your restroom please?” he asked.

“Yes it is just to the right of that sign” I replied with a smile.

“Thanks” he said and walked away.

Not even 10 minutes later he walked back over and he looked at me with confusion mixed with realization. Before I could ask him what he wanted, he hugged me.

“I’ve missed you so much” he spoke to me excitedly, still no letting go.

“Get off of me you freak” I screamed pulling from his grasp and running away.

“Hey Laura you’re not dismissed for the day” my boss yelled at me as I continued running.

I ran all the way home crying. When he held me so tight I could hardly breathe bringing me back to that moment.

Eventually my breath steadied just as the doorbell rang. I slowly got up and answered the door not caring how I looked. When I was face to face with that man form the market I immediately shut the door in his face running to my room crying. The man followed me up screaming my name. I sat on my bed when I felt it dip and someone sit next to me. His glasses were now off and I immediately recognized him.





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