Fighting for Love (LOUIS TOMLINSON)

It all started with the one thing that everyone needs LOVE. Some people never learned to love, trust, and have faith in any relationship. Never loved by anyone growing up as an orphan, Laura Phillip has no clue what love is or what comes with it. Louis Tomlinson was her only friend in the orphanage. Once they were old enough to leave the orphanage Laura was gone. When her and Louis meet again what will happen. When he tries to confess is attraction to her, will the truth come out? Will he finally realize all the issues that lie in her shadow? Will he be able to show her, what love is and how to love or will it all end in heartbreak for the one and only Louis?

Let’s find out.


3. The Lunch and Afterthoughts

**Louis’ POV**

I heard her mumble something but decided to ignore it. We sat in an awkward silence as we drove to Del Taco.

Once we arrived I heard her sigh in relief.

“What, are you hungry?” I questioned her teasingly.

“Maybe, a little,” she retorted.

“Well, then what are we waiting for?” I spoke as I got out of the car to assist her with her door.

Once we got in, she ran to the counter and started ordering her food, I then ordered mine and took out my wallet to pay.

“No, I am paying for my own food,” she stated with a harsh glare.

While her eyes were fixed on me, I quickly paid the cashier and sat down with the food.

“Will you explain to me now what happened back there?” she asked flatly.

“Okay, well um I… You… um… I’m uh… famous?” I stuttered saying it more as a question than a statement.

“What in the hell is that supposed to mean?” she said raising her voice slightly.

“Well after I left the orphanage with Anne Styles, I met her son” I started, “He told me about how he was going to try out for X-Factor, he told me I should to so I did-”

“I don’t care what the fuck you tried out for, who were those people back at the waterfall!”

“You didn’t let me finish, anyways when we got to the X-Factor we lost, but us along with three other boys got called back to the stage. The judges decided we should form a group! We ended up in the finals only to get third and still get signed on a record label. Simon Cowell became our manager and now we are world famous” I rushed out of breath.

“And… who were those people?” she scoffed obviously still annoyed that I hadn’t answered her question.

“Oh right those were paparazzi they follow us everywhere,” I sighed.

Just as I said that I noticed her face held a face of shock and her mouth had formed an “O.” I took the opportunity to lighten the mood by sticking a fry in her open mouth.

Almost immediately she spit it out and started yelling obviously not caring who was watching.

“You bastard, were you trying to choke me to death”

“No I was just trying to ease the tension” I said cautiously trying to detect whether she had calmed down.

“Well, don’t do it again,” she murmured as she continued to eat.

**Laura’s POV**

“I’m sorry, I didn’t think it would bother you that much” Louis apologized as I finished off my food.

I looked up into his eyes full of regret and he offered an apologetic smile. After one last look at him, I spun on my heel and walked off. Once I was outside I realized I didn’t know where the fuck I am.

“Damn it,” I mumbled. I saw Louis approaching the front door so I began walking in any direction away from him.

My plan failed as he pulled his car up beside me.

“Get in and let me take you to get your car,” he grunted at me.

“No, I will find my own way home, thank you,” I replied arrogantly.

”Not this time, you are getting in the car and that is final!” he screeched at me.

He had never yelled at me, but didn’t like it, so I hesitantly climbed into the passenger seat of his car.  

“Thank you,” he said rather proud of himself, even though I wasn’t looking at him I could tell he had a grin covering his face.

“Don’t act to cocky,” I shot back.

We remained silent for most of the car ride until he decided to speak up again.

“Laura can I ask you something,” he asked quietly.


“How did you find get to the waterfall I thought I was the only one who knew about it?” he interrogated me as I sat still in the car. Should I tell him about how I knew that place so well? Nah

“I just stumbled upon it after you left,” I replied simply.

“Are you sure?” he pressed on, as I was beginning to get agitated with his nose sticking in my business.

“Yes I am positive now why in the hell were you there, did you follow me?” I ask raising my voice furious with the fact he can’t give me an explanation but I should give him one.

“No, I’ve been going there all my life,” he explained shyly.

“Whatever as if I would believe that load of shit,” I fired back not all that pleased with his response.

“Believe what you want then,” he shot back “Here we are bye.”

“Thanks,” I mumbled, stepping out of the car into my apartment.

**Louis’ POV**

After she was inside her house I slammed my head on the steering wheel. Why does she have to do this to me? I don’t understand, one minute I want to kiss her and the next I want to kill her. She never knew but the minute I laid eyes on her I loved her, why can she not just return the simple feeling? I will figure out why she is so hostile to everyone never giving an answer. I will get to the bottom of every issue this poor orphan has. This won’t be the last she sees of me. That’s a promise.

**Laura’s POV**

Once I was in the safety of my house, I fell on the couch wishing to forget about the world. My life was fine then he comes over in the span of two days and turns into a living hell. Something about him though makes me want to show him who I really am that I wasn’t always like this at least not in my young years. I want him to know my story and why I am the way I am.  I wish I wasn’t the way I am. I just am afraid if I love something it will leave, if I trust something it will make a mistake unforgiveable, if I believe in something it deems untrue. I just wish I didn’t have the issues, I just have no faith in anything involving life.







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