Best friends, right?

Hi I am Gioia Robins i was born in Canada, I am 16 years old.

You will probably not believe it but Justin Bieber was my best friend.
We recently moved to The Netherlands, and dont aks me why but I have no idea why we moved here. We have no friends, no family no nothing here. Oh wait except a house and my mom has got a job. I'm met my new class for once, it was the introduction. We had to introduce ourselfs, there was this girl named Nadee and she is also from Amerika. It feels good to have someone who understand how this is for me. I mean everything has changed..


4. Sleepover

'Mom! its already 7;30, she was suposed to be here at 7.' i yell. 'I don't think she is going to come!'. i run downstairs. 'Ofcourse she is going to come. Can you just look after your sister for a minute, i'll make the beds.'. She says while she walks upstairs. I turn on the television on mtv and make snacks. I am freaking out on the inside because i have to tell her. I hear a familiar song.. wait that's Baby by Justin Bieber. I get even more nervous! I mean is this just to make me freak out or wat. And ofcourse it can not get any worse the doorbell rings. I run to the door. I just throw the door open a litle bit to fast. When i look at nadee i see a little smile. I couldn't get any hapier.. but i still have to tell her. We get the food i made and go to my room and just sit on my bed.

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 I can't hold it any longer so i burst out 'Listen Nadee, i haven't been 100 procent honest with you.' She looks in my eyes and reply's 'i already thought you had left something behind.'. My eyes start to get tearfull. 'I''m so sorry i never told you this, but please don't be mad at me it was just so hard' Tears rolling down my face. 'i feel like i was lying to you! But it had hurt me so much' She gives me a hug and says 'calm down, don't worry i wont be mad at you! i was acting ridiculous for ignoring you i couldn't know you were having it so hard. But now you are going to have to tell me.'  I hide my face in my sleeves and start muttering. 'okay so..' I explain it all.. About me knowing justin since i was born, my dad who died, the cancer, my mom who was friends with pattie, everything comes out in once.. but i mean everything. All she does is look at me like she sees a ghost so i say 'Don't stare at me.. say something'  she keeps looking at me, and then I see a tear rolling down her cheek. ' i.. i.. i i din't know it was so hard! I am so so so so so sorry! I wish i knew! then i wouldn't act so mean! im so sorry!' She also start to cry. And then we hug and cry in each others arms. When we get done crying we just look at each other like we are crazy so she says. 'But i have a question.' 'me Just ask' Her 'don't you see him anymore?' i look away and stare ''No, i never see him anymore.. i quess when he left and wasn't there when my.. my dad.. d..died i pushed him out of my life.' I was broke for such a long time till i met you, i started to have fun again. She smiles i'm happy i have a place in your life. i smile. 'Okay from now on no more secrets, promise?' She says solemnly. 'No more secrets! I promise.' And then we pinkie swear. 'Oh but just one last thing! these cookies are mine.' :)  



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