Best friends, right?

Hi I am Gioia Robins i was born in Canada, I am 16 years old.

You will probably not believe it but Justin Bieber was my best friend.
We recently moved to The Netherlands, and dont aks me why but I have no idea why we moved here. We have no friends, no family no nothing here. Oh wait except a house and my mom has got a job. I'm met my new class for once, it was the introduction. We had to introduce ourselfs, there was this girl named Nadee and she is also from Amerika. It feels good to have someone who understand how this is for me. I mean everything has changed..


6. Respond

The school bell rings. Everybody stands up and leave their classes. Me and Nadee go inmediatly to our friends and sit in a chear next to them. Katie, Amy, Danielle and Nadee talk about random stuff while im all up in my thoughts. I have so many questions to be answered.. but i don't know to who to go to. I mean i haven't told Nadee yet. I probably will tonight, when she is going to sleep at my place. Will she get mad at me? Why did my mom let het email open? maybe not on purpose.. Are they coming? Does he really miss me? He haven't told anybody about me.. only about chaz and ryan so probably not. I soon realize that the girls are staring at me. I get my lunch fast so they don't think something is wrong. Not that there is but i just don't know what to do with al these questions. So i look at Nadee and ask 'Nadee, will you go with me to the bathroom?' he puts her bag down, stands up and replies 'ofcourse'. I also stand up and we are heading to the toilets. While walking i say 'Okay, There are a few things bothering me'. 'Wasssuuppp girl she replies'. I explain everything that happened yesterday and everything whats on my mind.From the email to the questions i have. She Always is a bit shocked when she hears the name Justin Bieber just because of the thought she wants to meet him so bad. And i saw him like every day. she looks questionable and then answers 'Okay girl, let's figure it out tonight okay?' and we walk back to our seats. The rest of school is just like any other day. We go from class to class, the teachers talk and get frustrated when people laugh. Bla Bla Bla. you know how that goes


Finally the last bell rings! Katie, Danielle, Nadee and i walk to our bikes and talk about Justin Bieber.. About his new video Lolly. I watched it.. They can't stop talking about him, So I get on my bike and bike a few meters behind them. But they still keep on talking about how perfect he is and i feel a jeaulos feeling coming up. I don't know what is going on with me but it's stupid. Like, why would i get jeaulos?!. So i put my earplugs in and put on some music on my iPod.  Aventually after about ten minutes Katie has turned left with Danielle so Nadee and i are alone. I look at her 'Nadee?'. i ask. 'Yeaa?' She replies. 'What should i do? Ask my mom why she did this or just leave it?' I can see she thinks about it. And then says 'I think you should leave the situation just the way it is, i mean she ain't just gonna fly over to holland.. That takes time.' She ends her sentence with a determined look in her eyes. 'Well, if you say so. Iquess your a kind of right. Imean they haven't talk to each other for so long. Why would she come' we drive in my street, and stop in front off my house. We put our bikes in the shed. And then walk towards the door. While walking towards the door i see my sister running in the house. She runs laughing to the door opens it really fast and jumps above Nadee and me.We laugh and almost fall. And then Nadee lifts her up and tickles her and she screams it out. We get inside. Olivia runs to the couch and plops down, and is watching TV again. i make us some drinks and say  'Olivia, is mommy at home?'. She looks at me and points upwards. 'ill be right back'  i say. And run upstairs and yell 'Mom' no reply. 'Mom' No reply again. i look in the little study room and see she is in there. 'Why didn't you answer me?' i ask. finally she notices that I'm there and quickly click away everything she has open on the computer. i frown. But Just ask 'Mom, It's only 4 o'clock so can we watch a movie or something?'' she looks at me like I'm not there and answer after a short pause. 'that's fine. ill make the dinner later i guess' I frown again and just walk away. I scream at Nadee to come to my room and go upstairs. We lie on my bed and watch a movie and an hour strikes. The film has ended.. I look at the screen. And whipser 'Im afraid'. Nadee turns her head and looks me in the eyes and says 'For what?'. I also look at her and say 'What if ill never see him anymore? I know i Always said i never want to see him anymore. But i miss him a little bit.. ' She stares at the ceeling and says 'Why did you push him out of your life?' i reply 'i dont know.. i think i was scared of losing him to and at the same time i pushed him further away when he moved' I feel tears coming up. I bite on my lip to push the tears away. i whisper again 'But even though i miss him i don't want to see him. He left me.. He forgot about me. I wasn't important anymore. So he isn't for me to, it's to hard to firgive him after all we've been trough'

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