Best friends, right?

Hi I am Gioia Robins i was born in Canada, I am 16 years old.

You will probably not believe it but Justin Bieber was my best friend.
We recently moved to The Netherlands, and dont aks me why but I have no idea why we moved here. We have no friends, no family no nothing here. Oh wait except a house and my mom has got a job. I'm met my new class for once, it was the introduction. We had to introduce ourselfs, there was this girl named Nadee and she is also from Amerika. It feels good to have someone who understand how this is for me. I mean everything has changed..


7. Presentation

The next morning i wake up. I get ready for school. When im done brushing my hair i go downstairs. 'goodmorning darling' says my mom while she gives me a kiss with a big smile. It smels delicious. I look in the pan and i see waffels! my favourite. 'Your happy for a work day' i reply smiling. My sister who was watching tv runs to me and hugs me. I give ehr a kiss on her forhead. ''had sweetdreams tonight baby?'. 'Yess' she replies. My mom puts a waffle on our plates. And we start to eat. My mom who is still smiling starts to hum. My sister is singing along. And soon they're making a whole performance. I just look at tthem like im not with them. i love them, but why do they have to do this in the early moring. Im tired. When im done eating i go upstairs, brush my teeth fast. My mom is getting my sister ready. I walk down grab my coat. givem y mom and sister a kiss and go outside. I feel the cold biting wind on my cheeks. i do my collar op. While walking towards the shed to get my coat i see my mom and sister dancing inside she house. This day can't get any crazier. I dont want to go with the bike so i get my scooter out of the shed. I call nadee. 'Hey baby, I'm on my way to your house. On my scooter so dont get ur bike'. 'Yess! See you in a minute sweetie'. I get on my scooter. I ride out of my street. im lucky to live her. I mean i could have had it much worse! Its actually really pretty here. I stop because of the red traffic lights. I see three big black cars driving right past me. Weird, i never see them here. Haha it reminds me of a horror movie. When  you see those gangsters riding behind each other. Oh, not that funny. I get goosebumps. The trafic light has turned green. I fastly dirve away to Nadee's house.







I put my scooter in the shed and go inside the house. Mooooooooom? i yell. ill be right there baby' She yells back at me. I put away my keys and bag and go to my room. We put on some music and begin with our homework. About ten minutes later I hear my mom coming to my room. she knocks my door. 'Gioia, i have a letter for you' She walks in and  hands it over. Its a Violet envelope. With a Stamp a of amaple leave stamp on it. Im starting to get suspicious. 'do you have scissors?'. My mom gets the scissor of my desk and hand it over to me. I  tear the envelope open. out of it falls a letter. It is hand wrote. I grab it and start to read.


Dearest Gioia,


I wanted to let you know that my son misses you the most.

He can't get over how it all went.

He told me he is sorry that he wasn't there for you enough, but do know that that doesn't mean he did'nt care.

He always tries to find out where you life. After that he found out that u have had moved.

I found out. And i visited your mom. Im sorry i cant see you but  i have a plain to catch.

I really want you to understand. Tht the past is the past.

Try to let go even though you dont want to forget how much it all has have hurt you.

We all go trew alot.

I hope you just realize that, we miss you and love you very much.

Maybe this will show u how much

Lots of love Pattie


I close the letter and look at my mom. Do you have anything to do with this? i ask''

Im sorry baby. she replies. But its nothing bad.. She also gave me this. She looks at her hands. I see she is holding two cards. I walk towards her. 'Are those?' i stutter.Yes they are.. pattie gave it to me. I look at her and hug her and start to cry. I love her






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