Best friends, right?

Hi I am Gioia Robins i was born in Canada, I am 16 years old.

You will probably not believe it but Justin Bieber was my best friend.
We recently moved to The Netherlands, and dont aks me why but I have no idea why we moved here. We have no friends, no family no nothing here. Oh wait except a house and my mom has got a job. I'm met my new class for once, it was the introduction. We had to introduce ourselfs, there was this girl named Nadee and she is also from Amerika. It feels good to have someone who understand how this is for me. I mean everything has changed..


5. Never expected

Hey guys! i just anted to say thank you for reading! It means alot. You can read the next chapter if u scroll down or whatever. But MAybe you could leave a comment with feedback? i really want to know what u think! The next chapter is probably gonna be up there sunday. Enjoy<33333             





We finished dinner. And im walking upstairs to my room. But then I think of my school project I still have to get started on. So i walk downstair to the little study room where the computer is. I turn on the lights and jump in the chair. The computer is still on.. I wonder who didn't turn it off, probably Viola. she Always forgets alot of stuff. So I turn on the screen and see an email account open, But violia has no email account? it's my moms she never let's stuff like that open, i quess she doesn't want me to read her stuff. I can't help my curiosity and look a little bit threw the emails. It's all about  the house and bills and all that boring stuff iscroll down. But wait a minute. I see an email I regognize.. it says PattieRauhl and that is Justin's mom her email. Why on earth would an email from her be in my moms email box. I mean she promised not to talk to his mom and yes iknow iknow, i can't forbid my mom anything. But she promised! Wait there are more. I get a little bit angry and curious at the same time so i klick on an email. it says:



Dear Amanda,

How are you these days? We haven't talk in such a long time! I miss the old days when we used to talk all the time haha! It feels like It's so long ago. Maybe We could meet up some time soon? Maybe in the hollidays or i can fly over with Justin! And i heard Justin and Gioia aren't talking anymore? He misses her so bad! It's sad to see how everything changed so fast! How are your daughters doing? I bet they are even bigger then they used to be! haha. Well let me know soon!

lots of love, Pattie



I read the whole email.. It keeps repeating all the time. He misses me to. I thought he was okay with his new best friends. Oh god i miss him so bad. But i don't want to talk to him! In no possible way. It still hurts so bad! I can send an email back? To make sure they won't come.. No i can't why the hell am i thinking that? What is wrong with me! I click on the button that says New Email. I start to type but soon delete it. I talk to myself not to do it.. But i don't want to talk to them. With them i mean Justin.. Not Pattie. I start typing again. I Just cant see him.. i cant. I finish the Email and read it once. It says that I (my mom) is really busy at the moment and we can't fly over. And the house is a mess so she can't come either. I Press the send button real fast so i won't regret it. Shit. Why? Why did i do this? Am i crazy? omg. I lie to Pattie. I'm on my moms email. Im so Stupid! I quickly log out. Turn the lights off and run to my room. I jump on my bed and grab my Iphone. I just to talk to a few girls of my old school. And go look for My beats by dr. Dre. i look in my closet (Recently finally bought).  I look in the boxes and throw some stuff out. There is my baby! I plug it in on my iphone and put on my favourite song Justin Bieber - Down to earth. I lie in my bed and al that happens is the tears falling down my face. I'm so stupid... I slowly open my eyes. I see my room is dark. I grab my Iphone and see it's already 22:56! I must have fell asleep. I hear footsteps coming up the stairs. I pretend to be a sleep cause my eyes still feel thick from crying. I hear the sweet and soft voice of Viola whispering 'Gioia, Are you awake? i'm scared.'. I reply whispering to 'Yes sweety, Had a bad dream?'. She walks she walks to my bed. I pull my blanket up. She goes quietly in my bed. I stroke her on her head and feel that her face is  wet with tears. I reply even softer 'It's not a bad dream isn't it?' She whispers back 'No it's not.. I just miss him so much''. I hug her for like a minute and say 'Daddy would be so proud of you my little princes. He is our gardien angel and he always looks down on us. Always remember he is your daddy and he Always will be'. She touches my face really soft and says 'I love you' and falls asleep.


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