Promise me death

Kat Toledara, stripper/showgirl extraordinaire lives in the heart of Dublin which is also home to Ireland’s deadliest gang, 13. She catches the eye of the boss’s son, Niall Horan who lives a life of drugs, crime and following in his father’s footsteps. Somehow she gets caught in the midst of Niall and 13’s operations meanwhile trying to cope with the fact that she just might be Niall’s only match.


3. Part 3

to see the man flick his cigarette in the trash and leaning forward towards me. He folded his hands and glazed his eyes over me as we sat in silence. A loud eruption of laughter shook the walls, making us both look towards the door, before hearing a voice, “Hey Niall, a hundred bucks says she’s a yuppie!” More laughter ensued afterward. I felt my heart drop as I now knew I was dealing face to face with Niall Horan. I turned back, gasping but only having him shut me up by picking me up by the wrists. The next thing I knew I was back up against the wall, only this time I was facing away. His hands glided all over my thighs, spreading my legs apart and slapping my ass. I closed my eyes from the sting, my skin getting goose bumps from the cold. His fingers deftly reached up my dress and pulled down my thong around my feet and rubbed his hand around my slit. Involuntarily I tensed up, earning a chuckle from him behind me. He pressed himself against me before whispering into my ear. “It’s a shame you’re not wet, sweetheart, this is going to hurt.” His breath tickled my neck as I closed my eyes and he plunged his cock deep into me. I bit my lip to keep from screaming, his size stretching me out and the lack of lubrication burning as he keep thrusting. I tried to lean harder against the wall to lessen the pain, but he caught on quickly, placing his hands firmly on my hips to keep them in place. The more he kept going, the more I got used to his size, though my hole burned from the friction of our warm skin rubbing together. I let out a heavy breath, my fists clenching together as I tried to hold back my tears from the pain and intensity. Slowing down, he resorted to thrust as far as he could into me, leaning forward and biting down on my shoulder. “Fuck!”I muttered under my breath. I couldn’t contain my swearing as he stroked my g spot, responding to my outburst by grabbing my hair and resuming his rapid thrusts. “You’re going to fucking scream for me, cunt.” He hissed, thrusting as hard as he could as I arched my back. Out of pure ecstasy and fear of him, I turned my head and looked him dead in the eye as I felt him beginning to twitch inside me. He kept his eyes on mine for a split second before bouncing my hips onto him hard, making my eyes clench shut from the stimulation. He chuckled and pulled out as my chest heaved up and down. He zipped up his jeans, grabbed my thong from my feet, and opened the door, grabbed me and shoved me to the floor. “Get her out of here.” He said to the quiet room before closing the door. I lay crumpled on the floor, my hips and thighs sore as Mikey reached me first, lifting me up by the arm and carrying me out. I was too worn out and scared to care that he kept his hand just below my waist, firmly squeezing. A drip of blood ran down my lip as we walked out of the building, Mikey letting go of his grasp. I took a few steps before losing my balance and falling into a telephone poll. I sank to the cold ground, a tear falling down my cheek. “Shit.” I heard Mikey mutter before he picked me up again and threw me over his shoulder. I lay motionless on him as he carried me, my head pounding from all the adrenaline. He walked for a little bit farther before setting me down, and I immediately leaned into him. Leading me into a small apartment, he took me through a few rooms before setting me down gently on the bed. I sniffled before looking up at him, my eyes asking a dozen questions as he stared down at me. Wordlessly he reached his hand out and wiped the pearl of blood on my lip before turning to leave, closing the door. After he left, I really had no other choice to but to stay and sleep, my head pounding as I cuddled the pillow. I fell asleep for a few hours, only to be awoken by the sound of a door slamming shut. I froze where I was, my body facing the other wall as I pretended to stay asleep. I heard loud voices coming closer, hushing as the door opened. “You’re fucking dead Mikey. How could you still keep her after he hasn’t approved? What if he isn’t done yet?” A voiced said in a shrill hushed tone. The door closed again and I strained to listen, recognizing Mikey’s voice trying to explain the situation. “What if I don’t find someone like her again? I don’t want to be the only one without a girl.”I heard him say. There was silence before the front door slammed again, rattling my head and   Page 4
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