Promise me death

Kat Toledara, stripper/showgirl extraordinaire lives in the heart of Dublin which is also home to Ireland’s deadliest gang, 13. She catches the eye of the boss’s son, Niall Horan who lives a life of drugs, crime and following in his father’s footsteps. Somehow she gets caught in the midst of Niall and 13’s operations meanwhile trying to cope with the fact that she just might be Niall’s only match.


2. Part 2

my arm from the man’s tight grip. They stood in silence, the tension screaming as the other men slowly started to back up, their faces worried. “We’ll be back, but this time it’ll be even worse.” One of them threatened as they turned back into the street. The two from thirteen scoffed and spit at the ground after them as they turned back to me. I slowly stood up, my back stiff and sore from the solid brick. “At least they picked someone pretty this time. Hey I know you.” I looked up as they walked over to me, one of them smiling. “You work at that night club, you’re one of the dancers.”It took me a while to register that he was actually speaking to me. “Yeah. I dance there.” I said in a small voice. He nodded and turned to his buddy, a boyish grin on his face. “She’s their star dancer, she’s got the best body.” He said as the other nodded. “Well, what do you say we take her home?” He winked as he said it, and the other nodded. They walked over to me and put their arms through mine, leading me through the dark space. I said nothing and didn’t attempt to escape as they had saved my life. We walked for a bit before reaching a dimly lit space with a door that had wood barred over it. They shoved the door in, leading me in before closing it, the hallway even darker. Walking into the building, there was a faint sound of hard rock music playing and laughter, the air thick with a layer of smoke. I coughed lightly from the smell of cigarettes, making the men laugh as they kept leading me. We reached a large room with faint light and lots of people sitting around, a table in the corner where there was an intense poker game going on. Most of them were young or middle aged men with cigars, and a couple of hookers sitting on fat men’s laps. They all fell silent as we walked in. “Mikey, you really had to stoop to that level? You know we don’t drag hookers in.” One of the young men from the poker table spoke up, laughing. One of the men loosed his grasp around me and went to go punch the other man in the arm, smiling. I presumed he was Mikey as he whispered something into a red head hooker’s ear and she smiled at me and pointed to a door. Mikey signed for the other man, who also left my side and went with him into the other room, leaving me to face the members of 13. The red head who talked to Mikey walked over to me and gently took my arm, sitting me down next to her as the poker game and talking continued. My breathing was labored as she looked me over, a venomous smile curved onto her lips. She placed her hand gently on the bruise on my arm, and I reflexively flinched as she giggled. “Don’t worry honey, you’ll get a lot more bruises when he’s done with you. Niall’s a rough one.” I looked up at her, my face in fear and shock. Had she said Niall Horan? The son of the leader of thirteen? She grinned at my expression and whispered into my ear. “Let me let you in on a little secret. He just doesn’t invite girls to have tea.”I swallowed nervously as she went back to sit on a young man’s lap as he promptly squeezed her ass hard. She kept her eyes on me as Mikey came back out and motioned for me to follow him. I got up and went into the room with him, the light fading out as we went inside. There was only a small lamp in the corner of a large sectional couch, where a handsome blonde boy sat. I sat wordlessly on the opposite end of the couch as Mikey closed the door and stood next to the blonde. His eyes even in the dark were a piercing blue, his expression unreadable as he peered at me. Tattoos peaked out from his white shirt, and his jeans were faded and sagging, revealing the top of his boxers. A cigarette dangled lazily from his fingers, smoking swirling from the tip. “Where did you find her?”His Irish accent was strong as he asked Mikey, who also kept his eyes on me. At that point I instantly regretted not changing after work, my tight and short dress making my breasts peak out and my ass prominent. “She was about to get taken by some minnows from Diamond before we stepped in. We chased them off and decided to take her home. I was hoping you would approve.” The blonde man smirked and took a drag of his cigarette, blowing the smoke out towards me. I lowered my gaze and nervously shifted in my dress, afraid of what was happening. “We’ll see.”Mikey left the room, making me look up again   Page 3
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