the love bbetween Jayde weasley and Albus Potter

A girl called Jayde Weasley goes to Hogwart's. Then she gets told to find a Malfoy in the muggle world. When she comes back for her first year she meets a guy called Albus and you will find out the rest.


2. character contest


I am here to ask you guys too sign up for my character contest. Its kind of like a contest but not.. Please put your last name as wwell as your first name because its annoying for the sorting to be done but I will put you in what ever house you want to be in. You can be Jayde's best friends she is the main character. or Albus's best friend. The Malfoy is going to e a surprise. Please comment before the firsst of February. I will maybe write when I tell you the people. I am really bored.

Hope you guyys join from sunnyjma

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