How Could I Tell Her That I Love Her

this is Joy, Joy Barker,
a girl who falls in Love with the one and only Harry Styles.
but he didnt feel the same which means he rejected her.
so what happens when she falls in love with someone else?
would Harry get jealous? would he love her?
wanna know? read it then!



Chapter 6

Layla louis and myself got out of the car. And started walking towards the front door.

"are you ready girls?" asked Louis smiling at the two of us.

"awwww I'm so excited, i want to meet Niall so bad" said Layla rising her hands. It shows that she was 'super' excited. 

I giggled at her and then said: 

" i want to meet them all" looking at both of them.

"okay, well its show time" louis said in a funny tone. 

He opened the front door "guys im here, by the way i brought my best friend too" he yelled 

The first guy i saw was Harry. God he was beautiful.

"Hi" said Harry with a hot husky voice.

I stood There numb. I was staring at him he was gorgeous. 

Louis turned his face to me 

"Joy this is Harry, Harry this is Joy" he said smiling at both of us.

"oh the famous Joy you told me about" Harry said shaking my hand. he knows about me? i wonder what he has told him! i hope nothing embarrassing........

I smiled at him "nice to meet you Harry" i was blushing as hell. Every time we make an eye contact i melt his eyes were stunning.

"yeah nice to meet you too Joy" then he looked at Layla, and Louis automatically replied "oh and this is Layla Harry, she's Joy's best friend apparently she cant do anything without her" and he laughs. 

Harry looked at Layla smiling at her "Hi" shaking her hand. 

Then Liam showed up "hello" he said looking at us. 

"hey Liam this Joy the one i told you about remember? And this is Layla" 

A smile drew on his face and he came to us shaking our hands. 

"hiiiiiii Joy. Nice to meet you! Louis told me alot about you!" he said to me then turned his face towards Layla 

"hi you must be Joy's friend right?"

"yeah" Layla answered him with red cheeks. She is a shy girl but ones you get to know her you'll see the wild side of her. 

I actually love Liam as a fan of course but really i do like hes an amazing person as louis says to me. 

We stood like this for a moment and then zayn showed up!

"hi love" said zayn with his sexy accent. I was dying from the inside.

"Zayn this Joy and her friend Layla" said louis pointing at us. Zayn came and he hugged me, i was shocked i didnt expected that. He felt that i was confused and pull away 

"hey Joy you're one of us now" and he smiled at me.

"thanks Zayn" and i smiled back at him. 

He then goes to Layla hugging her too but she didnt let him go, we all laughed at her. And Harry was laughing so hard. I loved the way he laughed it was perfect the way he shut his eyes he was perfect. Then Layla pulled away looking down she was embraced poor Layla i walked to her and i hugged her "its okay dont worry" i whispered in her ear and she smiled.

"wheres Niall?" asked Louis with his eyebrow up confused.

"ah he's taking a shower, he'll be here in any minute" Zayn answered him

Harry was quite i dont know what was wrong cause Louis always told me that Harry was funny creepy guy. 

Anyway we got into the living room. We had a little chat together, the whole time i was staring at Harry he was unique i've never saw or met someone like him! There was something about him that really made me like him. Meanwhile the boys were talking to Layla and about our friendship and how we met. 

Suddenly we hear Niall screaming "guys someone orders pizza im hungry" 

We all laughed at him. He didnt know that Layla and i were here. He walked into the living room.

"ah hi" he said looking at us in shock.

"oh hi Niall come in" said Liam asking him to set next to him.

"oh okay, so who are they?" he whispered to Liam thats all i hear from them him but i can tell he was talking about us.

"oh they're Joy and Layla, Niall" said Liam with a smile 

Niall stepped to us and said "Hi guys" he was cute.

"hi Niall" i said smiling at him. I looked to Layla and she stood up and hugged Niall before he could even talk to her. i laughed at her

"hi Niall nice to meet you, im a huge fan of yours" she said looking at him and then looked down. Niall lifted her chin up and 

"you dont have to be shy" he said looking at her. I think she was melting at that time, she loved Niall very very much, even more than my love to Louis! (as a friend)

"so tell us about you" harry said looking at me and Layla. 

There was silence, i was staring at Harry without saying a word. 

I recognized Layla staring at me. I looked at her and knew that i was staring at him for too long. 

I started talking and Layla continued after me making our conversation to them. 

When we were done talking, we had lunch and then went to Starbucks, we drank coffee and we had so much fun together they were talking about how fun their tour was and they also told us about the pranks that louis has done to Harry which made us laugh our asses off. After that we went back home 'their home' Louis sat next to me and Niall was next to Layla, i looked at louis "look" i whispered to louis. He looked at them and they were laughing "they're cute" he said smiling at me. 

Time passed quickly, it was already 11:30pm. Layla stared at me lifting her eyebrows waiting for me to notice her. finally i saw her "what" i mouthed 

She pointed at her watch, i saw mine and i realized it was 11:30pm.

"LOUIS" i shouted.

"what" he said calmly smiling.

"hey its eleven thirty and we have to go" i said in a rush "lets go louis" i pulled him up, he stood up

"well, these are the guys and you saw them" smirking at me.

"thanks lou" i said pulling my hair behind my ears looking down at the ground.

"well lets go" said louis loudly. 

We said our goodbyes and we hugged. We got out of the house walking all the way to the car tho it wasnt that far.

"so are you guys happy?" said louis looking at both of us.

"happy??? Are you crazy? We're extremely happy louis" Layla answered him with an exited tune.

"and you?" and he then turned to face me.

"thanks lou, i really appreciate it, you're the best lou" i answered him with a smile on my face.

"well, you're welcome Joy. Now that you're happy, we can take off safely" louis was joking, we all laughed and then he drove us home. 

When we were on the road i placed my head on the window glass smiling like a fool thinking about Harry. I remembered his laugh, his smile, his beautiful eyes, his smell when we hugged. 

Him....that boy was something, i've never met someone like him before.

"Joy" Layla shook me.

"haa w-what?" i said back to her.

"whats wrong?" Layla asked me.

"nothing" i answered her smiling at her.

"you sure?" she asked me, Again

"yeah im sure laylo" i told her. using her fave nickname. We smiled at each other and then we got to our houses.

"thanks louis for the most amazing day of my life" i hugged him tight.

"you're welcome Joy" he whispered in my ear. We pull away from the hug and i got to my house. Running up the stairs to my room. Smiling and laying on my bed. 

"aaaaah that was the best day ever" i curled under my duvet thinking about curly haird boy before i fell asleep.


Hope you guys like it! sorry i've been busy yesterday!

Rana xx

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