How Could I Tell Her That I Love Her

this is Joy, Joy Barker,
a girl who falls in Love with the one and only Harry Styles.
but he didnt feel the same which means he rejected her.
so what happens when she falls in love with someone else?
would Harry get jealous? would he love her?
wanna know? read it then!



thank you guys you're the best!!!!! i cant thank you enough!!!


Rana xx


Chapter 5: 

Joy P.O.V 

My mom came home and we hugged. We ate our diner. I saw the clock and it was about 10 pm

"im going to sleep, good night" i said to my parents

"goodnight sweetheart" my father answered.

"okay honey, sweet dreams" she said back to me

"thanks mom, dad" i gave them a quick hug and ran up to my room. I laid down on my bed, thoughts. Came to my mind about Louis and the whole day. I took my phone and started to scroll through the photos we took together today. And i stopped on the one of me and Louis where he was winking and his tung was out. And i was smiling at him. I updated this photo to my twitter.

"crazy day with a crazy friend. I love you @Louis_Tomlinson" 

After i pressed the send button moments and i saw a reply saying "@jojo_95 R U louis's new GF?" 

I was shocked why would people think like that.

"@tommo4eva ummm no im not" i replied to her. 

Then i remembered louis when he was yelling at the restaurant. Why would he be screaming like this when he was the most calming guy i've ever known! Maybe be cause him and El broke up? But he would tell me about would he? 

I continued to look at everybody's tweets, when i saw a retweet that says:

"did u guys heard about Louis and El break up?" 1st.nov

"@iluvtommo yeah i heard that too. Its so sad"

I went to google to check that out. And she was right! They did broke up. 

"why didn't he told me it?" i asked myself playing with my hair. I was confused should i ask him, or wait till he tell me himself. But it had been 5 months now! When he's actually going to tell me. I have to call Layla right now!


"hello Joy"

"finally, how are you"

"great, you?"

"im great thanks"



"hey did you know that Louis and El broke up like 5 months ago"

"oh my god, no really?"

"yeah sadly Layla"

"its your shot now!"

"shut up already layla, i didnt call you for this, i was wondering why he didnt told me?"

"ummmmm maybe he was pissed and he didn't want to talk about it"

"but im hes best friend"

"cmon, look if you and Tom broke up would you tell me?"

"errr about that! Tom and I broke up"


"like a week ago but officelly today at 12pm sorry"

"okay, so you didnt tell me see!"

"but i did now right?"

"Joy babe you have to know that hes a guy and you're a girl okay!"

"and what that suppose to mean?"

"we 'the girls' if we're pissed we would tell everybody about it! Unlike the guys! They wouldn't talk about it!"

"okay i understand, so Layla should i ask him about it?"

"you deserve to know but.... I think you should be careful"

"okay thanks Layla i love you"

"i love you too Joy" 

Layla was the only person that i trust the most. And she was wise too, if i had a problem or needed an advice she would be the first name that comes into my mind. She was and she will be my best friend for ever! Tho we know each other for about 7 years but we're too close. I'll never forget how we met.


I was in 6th grade, i was chatting with my class mate when my teacher saw me.

"Joy stop talking with your class mate" the teacher yelled at me.

"okay teacher" i said back to her. But then as usual i ignored her and started talking to my class mate again.

"Joy move, you're setting here" which was behind Layla. Layla kept staring at me.

"but.. I didnt-" i tried to lie to her but she cut me off

"Joy now!"


I took my books and my bag and moved.

"where?" i pretended to be stupid. in fact i didn't want to move there, Layla was quit and shy, but i had to. I took my seat and behind her.

"hi" she said softly smiling at me

"hi" i said back


That was how we met! And now i love her more than myself and i'd do anything to not to lose her. I was smiling like a fool, and suddenly my phone vibrated it was Louis, again

"hey beautiful, i promised you that you'd meet the guys right? Well how about tomorrow?"

I wanted to scream but i stopped myself from screaming, but i was jumping up and down from the inside. 

I typed: 

"really? Omg thanks Loui! You're the best!" 

I was sooo happy, finally i will meet the guys! Like seriously, he kept talking about them in like forever. 

I got another text from Loui that says:

"okay, cool i'll pick you up at 1pm"

"okay that would be great!"

After that i called Layla again



"yeah, would you like to come with me?"

"are you kidding me i'd love to"

"okay thats great, Louis will pick us up at 1pm okay?"


"calm down Layla, my ear hurts! And wait a minute. I thought you loved Niall right?"

"yeah hes my favorite of all. I want a horan hug, but i also love Louis too"

"aha okay! You'll get a horan hug tomorrow babe"

"thanks Joy you're the best"

"i cant do anything without you Laylo. Okay now i have to sleep good night Laylo"

"okay me too i have to sleep. Good night!" 

And cuddled under my duvet and fall asleep.



I woke up at 9 the sun was burning my eyes, i havent make a move i was laying on my bed not wanting to move, I stayed like this for a while after that i sat on the bed staring at my room, And then started stretching. "Ugh" i sighed to myself. 

I was walking very slowly to the door and finally i opened it. I walked down the stairs as i was making my hair like a ponytail.

"moo....rning mo...m" i said slowly

"morning honey" she said smiling at me. 

I took a seat on the diner table and ate an apple and started eating it.

"so where's dad" i said with a full mouth. 

My mom giggled at the way i was eating. Then said: 

"he's taking a shower" 

I nod at her and went to the garden i saw the blue sky up and most important i saw Tom i started smiling and waving at him like nothing happened yesterday. But he just ignored me and looked away. "pfffff whatever" i mumbled. 

I went back to the house again and saw my father.

"morning dad" i smiled at him

"morning sweetie" he said back i gave him a quick hug. A moment later i saw him getting ready. I started to wonder why would he be getting ready if was here on week off?

"dad" i called for him

"yeah sweetie?"

"umm why would you be getting ready if you're on a week off?"

"oh sorry buy i guess my work if following me. Sweetie you have to know that work is work, i cant say no to it okay"

"aha i see. Okay have a great day then" i gave him a weak smile

"thanks sweetie" he kissed my mother and then he came to me kissing my forehead saying: 

"take care of yourself Joy"

"i will dad" then he left. Seconds later and my mom left too. I typed a text for Layla saying: 

"be ready at 1 don't forget that okay?" 

I went up to my room and searched for some cloths to wear!

"ummmm what should i wear today?" i asked myself. "yes" i found a cool shorts with a perfect shirt! "thats it" i said to myself playing with my hand up and down like i won something.


Its 12:30pm now, only one hour to go, i still cant believe that i would meet the guys! my phone rang at that time


"heyo its Loui here so are you ready?"

"oh hi Loui almost, im just doing the make up"

"okay will i'll be here soon"


I put the phone down and heard a knock on the door.

"that must be Loui" i whispered 

I ran all the way down and opened the door. 

"HELLO" Louis yelled.

"ouch my ears. First Layla and now You! Well hi" 

He laughed so hard placing his arm on my shoulder as we walked in and saying: 

"you deserve that cause you're a great friend"

"ha okay then" 

I went up the stairs to my room and Louis followed me. 

I started to put the make up on after i finished i asked Loui 

"how do i look Loui?"

"ummm bad!" he looked down trying to hide his laugh

"LOUIS" i wasnt mad or annoyed i just wanted to know how do i look. 

"hahahahaha i was kidding you look perfect" he gave me thumps up.

"well thanks loui"

"so we're ready lets go"


"what Mojo Jojo?"

"we still missing someone"


"Layla you idiot"

"aaaah cmon"

"you do know that Layla is my best friend right!"

"yeah i do know that but i think you love her more than i am! And you know me for about 15 years now"

"are you jealous louis?"

"kinda, i mean you know her for about 5 or 6 years now"

"7 louis 7 years"


"awwww so you're jealous. You have to know that we're girls and we bond more than a girl guy friendship"

"okay fine but im still your awesome best besr friend right?"

"of course you are!!" i took my phone and dialed her number 

"wait i'll call her"

"Layla where are you?"

"um give me 15 minutes"

"ugh fine" 

I hangup and looked at Louis and said: 

"she'll be here in 15 minutes"

"okay we can chat" he said smiling.

I remembered that i should ask him about Eleanor.

"so how's El? I miss that girl"

i saw him changing in color he turned to yellow "she's fine" he said coldly.

"Louis whats wrong?"


"Louis you cant hide it. Tell me"

"El and I broke up happy?" he answerd like he had to, he was annoyed.

"oh my god louis im very sorry but when did that happened louis?"

"errrr...... About.... Um 5 months"


"havent you been on twitter?"

"i thought it was a rumor or something"

"there you go now you know okay!"

"how did that happened?"

"look Joy i dont want to talk about it. It just piss me off when i remember that"

"okay. Just calm down Loui" i said smiling at him "everything will be fine" i wanted to comfort him. 

Moments later we hear a knock on the door.

"Finally" said louis. 

I giggled and opened the door. 

"where have you been?"

"sorry guys. I just did my make up and came here"

"its okay lets go now" said louis. 

We got into the car and i could tell louis was a bit annoyed. But i couldnt tell why is it be cause hes jealous of Layla or is it the Eleanor thing! 

We're in silence so i turned on the radio and my favorite song came up. I turned the volume up to max

Lately i've been i've been losing 


Dreaming about the things that we could be 

But babe i've been i've been playing hard 

Setting no more counting dollars we'll be counting stars 

Yeah we'll be counting...... Stars

I started to sing along with Ryan Tedder the singer and i was dancing. Louis was smiling and Layla was laughing at me. Im so obsessed with OneRepublic they're my favorite of all! 

I gave Layla a mean look and she stopped laughing hahaha poor Layla

"Layla you love counting stars too, cmon sing with me" i told Layla hoping she would sing with me! 

And she sang! Thats amazing! She doesn't like OneRepublic that much but i made her to!

Take that money watch it burn 

Sing in the river the lessons are learnt

Take that money watch it burn 

Sing in the river the lessons are learnt

Take that money watch it burn 

Sing in the river the lessons are learnt

"LAYLA CMON" i shouted

Everything that kills meeeeeeeeeeeeee 

Makes me feel alive.

And we kept singing till the song ended.

"that was quit a show" said Louis clapping at us.

"well thank you Mr Tomlinson" 

Seconds later we got there.

"okay so we're here" said Louis

"im so so so exited Loui" i said putting my hands up.

"me too Joy" Layla was about to faint.


Hope you like it

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