How Could I Tell Her That I Love Her

this is Joy, Joy Barker,
a girl who falls in Love with the one and only Harry Styles.
but he didnt feel the same which means he rejected her.
so what happens when she falls in love with someone else?
would Harry get jealous? would he love her?
wanna know? read it then!



YOLLO!! newwwwww updateeeee!!!!!
hope you like it! though its a trashy chapter lol anyways here it is!!

JOY P.O.V (time 19:30)

i saw the car fades slowly as i grabed the keys from my pocket, i gently opened the front door, i tuke my hair behind my ears and got in, my eyes capchered a shadow in the kitchen, i was wondering who was that?

"ahhh it's mom" i thought to myself as i walked slowly towards the kitchen door i froze, the person i saw was having a cup of tea, and that person was taller than my mom, it was a big surprise, i didn't know how to handle it.

"DAD" i shouted, i was so happy, my father he's finally here good things come all at once.

"Joy you're here, it's a bit early, i wanted to surprise you" he smiled.

i jumped into his arms huging him tightly, tears fell down from my eyes.

"you can't stop crying ha?" i giggled, he hated to see me cry, he hated to see anyone cries, cause he would cry with you, poor dady, i didn't want to let go of him, i missed him so much.

"does mom know?" i asked, as i looked up at him, i wanted to know if he told her.

"yeah she does, i wanted to see your reaction would be" he explined.

"i see, so where's mom?"

"she'll be back in any minute"

i let go of him, he was the same person i saw four months ago, well maybe he lost some of his hair but still the same. and the most imprtant thing he was wearing the same bracelet i gave him before he goes to New York. black in color with ''i love dad'', well the love was shaped in a heart.

"dad, i missed you so much" tears made their way down on my cheeks, i was crying now, again

"oh Joy come over here" he huged me again but this time was tighter than the one before.

"you know i missed you too" i was always 'dady girl' my father was and still my everything, i love him more than anybody, even more than my mom, poor mom she was always jealous of him, cause im their only child, and my father and I were close.

we then wnet to the living room waiting for my mom. we talked about him and his job, my phone vabirated, i couldn't care less this time, i mean my dad is here right?


LOUIS P.O.V (Time 19:30)

when i was home i got out of my car, i noticed something in the back seat, it was a hand bag, it was Joy's bag, i garbed it and slowly opened the front door cuase i was texting Jojo.

''hey Joy, if you're looking for your hand bag then don't worry it's with me, you left it in the back seat''

i walked to the living room and found nobody.

''where are they?'' i said to myself wondering as i moved to the other room i saw the guys watching a movie with their girlfriends, so perri and dany were there.

''oh it's the movie night'' i said.

at that time i remebered El.

"i wish you were here El" i sighed, i don't know what happened between us, we kept fighting all the time, the thing is its not even our foults nethire hers or mine, i think she couldn't deal with it, tears fell down from my eyes as i rememeber when we were cuddling together at the movie night.


we were home after a long day of shopping, she loves shopping. god how much she loves it!!

"we're back" she said out loud, there were perri and dany her besties.

"cmon guys, the movie is rolling'' perri yalled from the other room.

"okaay" El yalled back at her.

we threw the bags near the front door and started running and finally i won this time.

"YESS" i said rising my hands pretending that i have a cup or something.

"whatever loui, we'll see next time"

"shhhhh guys we're watching a movie" niall said placing his finger on his mouth.

i actually found this intertining, so El and I started talking and laughing loudly.

"hey El remember that big old fat lady we saw at the mall" she laughed with her guts off.

"yeah i do, the way she fell on the ground was-----" she started laughing again so hard, i was staring at her, she was a weirdo but i love her, i'll always will. then i joined her laughing maina.

perri and dany looked at us with thier eyebrows up like what is wrong with them?

well the rest of the guys continuse watching like we're not here.

"so who's that big old fat lady you were talking about Louis?'' dany asked me.

before i could say anything i stopped myself from laughing.

"there was this old fat lady we saw at the mall, i guess she was in a rush cause she was running'' i looked at El the one who was still laughing "when suddnly she fell on the ground like cirstiano ronaldo on his last match''

"noway" dany and perri said at the same time.

"yesway" i answered them with a smile nodding my head.
"and what happened after that?" perri asked me.

"well, all of her bags fell on the flour, and her ice cream was all over her hair"

dany and perri laughed, and then niall turned off the T.V

"okay we don't have to watch the movie" he said, poor niall.

"im sorry, turn it on, i promise you i won't talk"

he smiled and turned it on again, and everybody was watching, El sat next to me, and put her head on my shoulder, i'm not going to lie, i wasn't watching the movie, i was watching her, staring at her, thinking what would i do if lost her.

"great movie, isn't it Loui'' she looked up to me.

''yeah, i loved it'' i was melted by her beautiful eyes, she doesn't know how beautiful she is.

we continued watching the movie until we saw a kiss, when the girl kissed the guy who was with her, El looked at me.

"awwwww cute'' she said looking at me.

''yeah'' i think she wanted me to be the first one to kiss this time ''cu--'' she jumped and kissed me, i kissed her back, there were booms and sparks around us, there wasn't anybody but us, El and I, every kiss felt diffrent from the one before with El.

at every movie night we do the same.

"ewwww get a room'' Harry yelled, pretending that he was annoyed when he wasn't actually. he always thought that we were cute together. i didn't even answer him i was busy doing my thing with El.

"awwwwww" i think i heared Dany and Perri, they loved those moments. they were cute.

after the kiss, we stared at each other, she was smiling at as i smiled at her, we were perfect


i spotted Harry staring at me so i sat on the couch near Perri and Zayn, Harry was sitting in the other side of the couch next to Liam and Dany, and Niall was on the ground with his popcorn ball.


.... i didn't answer ......














it felt like i was dreaming that someone was calling my name.













Harry sat next to me, i guess.....


i know for sure that it was Harry calling my name.

there was silnce. no one was talking. no laugh, no sound, no nothing.











"Louis do you hear me''

he stood up, walked, and sat next to me. i saw him waving his right hand in front of my face. i stood up for a moment giving Harry a weak smile, trying to hide my tears and walked fast to my room, slamming the door shut, to be alone, to cry alone.


HARRY'S P.O.V ( Time 18:30)


"guys do we really have to watch a movie today?" i told the boys.

"Yes Harry, we have to'' Zayn answered, fixing his hair.

"yeah Harry, Dany already texted me saying she'll be here in a any minute" said Liam.

"what about Louis?" i asked in a low tone.

"but i already told Perri to come" Zayn said looking at me.

"Zayn, Liam, Dany and Perri won't mind if you told them about Loui, they'll understand" i tried to make them change thier mind. but...

"we'll see Harry" Zayn said.

i don't know what was wrong with him.



we were watching when Loui came, he stood near the room enters, he was standing and thinking. a moment later he sat on the couch next to Zayn and Perri.

"Louis" i called for him.

he didn't answer.

''Louis'' i called for him again.

still no answer.

"Louis" this time my voice was a bit louder.


"Louis do hear me?'' i sat next to him, waving my right hand in front of his face.

he stood up without saying any word, giving me a smile, i know he was fighting his tears. he than ran to his room.

"Great job guys'' i said with open wide arms. "he's probably crying now'' i was mad, very mad. i hated to see Loui sad, or mad. i love him so much, it hurts to see him like this.

"let's go up and see him'' Liam suggested

we all noded, we ran up the staries.

"LOUIS OPEN THE FUCKING DOOR" i yelled my lungs out.

"NO, LEAVE ME ALONE HARRY" he yelled back with a crying voice

"let's go" Liam said.

well Liam was right.

i walked slowly to my room, i threw myself on the bed, i filped on my right side and saw a key next to my car keys.

"noway" i took the key and jumped off of my bed, running to Louis's room.

he gave me his extra room key "how stupid, i forgot that he gave me his room extra key"

i opened the door.


i said to him.

he looked up to me with red puffy eyes, it hurts to see Loui the who makes us laugh is crying right now.

"relax Loui"

"it had been 5 months now Harry, i miss her"

"Loui, she'll come back, i promise" i smiled at him. he gave me a big hug and smiled at me.

"let's go Loui'' i asked, crossing my fingers he would say yes.

"okay, let me wash my face first'' he smiled at me.

i was happy like seriously i was jumping from the inside.

we got out of his room, all of the group was there, they huged us. GROUP HUG....

"sorry mate" liam said patting his shoulder, he was sad

"im really sorry Louis" Niall said with teary eyes.

"im sorry Loui" Zayn said with a sad voice

"whatever guys it's okay, LET'S HAVE FUN" louis yelled.

Louis was that type of a person that if he was sad, he would do anything crazy, or creat something to have fun with to forget about his sadness.

suddnly he pulled me up and ran the whole house.

"LOUIS" i yelled with a laugh "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"

"YOU'LL SEE HARREH" he laughed.

we got out of the house and Louis was runing to the pool.

"WATCH OUT HARREH" zayn yelled.

"HE'S GOING TO THROW-- niall was shouting when i heared water splash under my body.

"DAMMIT LOUIS'' i was wet.

''hahaha i'm NOT sorry Harry" i wanted to kill him.



i pulled his shirt and he fell to the pool.


i was laughing. we were laughing. it was funny. then Liam Zayn Niall even Dany and Perrie jumped to the pool. it was great, we had fun.



yaaaahoooo hope you like it :D

i did my best!!! enjoy :D

so tell me what you think???

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