How Could I Tell Her That I Love Her

this is Joy, Joy Barker,
a girl who falls in Love with the one and only Harry Styles.
but he didnt feel the same which means he rejected her.
so what happens when she falls in love with someone else?
would Harry get jealous? would he love her?
wanna know? read it then!



double UPDATE!!!!!!!

i really am thankful for you guys!

love you.

Rana XX


we got out of the house, walking to his car. we got in, well everything seems to be fine but i'm not sure about that. anyway, he started the engine and then took off. it was kind of wired, he was driving in silnce, and i was staring at the street in silnce.

"when are we going actually to talk Joy??" he said looking at me.

"about what?" i asked

"anything or it's going to be a really long ride!" he giggled and then smiled, his perfect teeth showed up, oh my god his smile was amazing, well don't get me wrong alot of people said that he has an amazing smile.
"okay fine how the guys, Harry Zayn Liam and Niall tell me about them" i said

"well, i consder myself a very lucky guy to have these boys as friends like them" he said with a huge smile on his face.
"oh really? and why is that?" i asked

"to have a caring friend who cares about you just like a son of his like Liam is amazing, or to have a friend who could tell whats wrong with you from look in the eye like Hazza my bestie, or a funny guy who could change your mood like Niall, and Zayn that guy who understands me well, those boys changed my life, it's just amazing to have them"

"wow!!" i was actually surprised "i really want to meet them loui, please"

"you will soon, i promise you"


"woop, looks like we arrived" he said smiling, he parked the car in the parking lot and we got out of his car. there were alot of girls staring at us, i think they wanted to be sure that it was loui himself. we got inside and took our seats, it was a quite cool resturant. we ordered and waited for the food, im not going to lie i was quite hungry. suddnly three girls came up they were smiling. one of them yalled "IS THAT LOUIS TOMLINSON??"

"yeah love in flash" louis said

"OMG OMG i love you so much you're my favorite of one direction, can i take a picture with you?"  the one with the black hair said, well she was beautiful but........

"who is that louis??" the third one said

"well (that) is my very very best friend" he said winking at me, i smiled when he said that but soon my smile started to fade when the girl with the black hair said:
"oh thank god she's not his grilfrind she looks dumb"

"yeah she does" the third girl answered.
well im not his girlfriend but it still hurts when someone says something like this!! i was pissed off but i didn't show it to louis i didn't wanted him to notice that i was mad but it was too late he saw me and he asked girls to go cause he wanted to eat.
"im sorry" louis said in a low tone.

"i'm fine loui plus it's not your fault" i gave him a weak smile.

"you know that you can't hide it right?" he stops for a moment and continues "you know they're just jealous, they hate any girl hing out with any one of us" he looked at me stright in the eyes.

"i know loui, i know, and im fine" i almost yell i looked away. cause he would see that i'm still mad, i just ignored him and started eating.

"NO YOU'RE NOT" he yelled in anger, the whole place was staring at us.

"louis" i said angerly


before i could say anything i saw two other girls coming up.

"look" i looked at the girls and louis followed my gaze.

"cmon let's get out of here" he stood up, put the money on the table, done his hair and held my hand.

"raedy?" he said

"yep" i knew he would run from the fans hah as always, suddnly without any worning he ran off so fast i started running after him, i was kind of slowing him down, the people who were eating they were staring at us. we ran to the parking lot there were alot of girls, paparzzies it was a mess!
we wanted to get to the car but we couldn't there were alot of people around the car.

"what are we going to do now loui?" i asked, i was worried.

"i don't know, maybe running" i thought he was kidding but he looked serious.

"i know" i said

"what?" he said looking at me.

"i would go to your car and if they asked me about you i'll tell them that you've left and i'll meet you next block"

"bad idea" i was disappointed, i thought it might work.

"let's give it a try loui cmon"

"sure you can do it?"

"yes loui %100 sure" i smiled at him.

"okay here the keys" he waved at me and then left, "this is it" i said befor going to the car. i walked in small fast steps i was nerves,
very nerves.

"heey where's louis? did you see him" the first girl asked me.

"he left" i chuckled

"he was with you tell us now, where is he" god damn it these fans were mad now "shit' i said to myself.
i heared people calling for me but i just ignored them, if there's anything im really good at, it would be ignoring people. i just opened the car door and got in, some girls opened the passnger door and stopped me from moving, i was stuck.


i was waiting for Joy for about 10 mintues but she didn't appear at all, i was wondering what took her so long?
i tried to call her but she didn't answer.... first call.... second call........ no one answered that was when i got worried. i walked back to the resturant and saw about 50 girls around my car.
"oo ooooh" i said
now i have to look for Joy, thats when i realised that she's still in the car. "what should i do now?"
i just walked there and told the fans to move away from my car, but when i got near the car i saw Joy was setting in the car with the seatbelt locking the car, she was scared.
i knocked the window and she saw me, there was a smile when she saw me, i opened the door and got in.

"crazy fans huh?" i said joking

"yeah, woh that was hard" she spoke, when suddnly she had trouble with her breathing she asked me to open the window.
"Joy are you okay?" i said but she shook her head.
she had her asthma attack like always.

"do you have your medicine?" she handed me her bag, as i searched for it when finally i found it.

"here take this" i placed her head on my shoulder, and put the med on her mouth as i started to press on it slowly.

"thanks" she barely spoke was more like a whisper.

"you're welcome" i smiled at her and started the engine and thankfully no one got hurt.
we arrived to her place she asked me to spend the night, but i couldn't cause the guys had called me.

"sorry i got a call from the guys, maybe next okay Joy"

"okay loui see you" she breathed, she got out of the car as she waved for me, and i took off from her place.

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