How Could I Tell Her That I Love Her

this is Joy, Joy Barker,
a girl who falls in Love with the one and only Harry Styles.
but he didnt feel the same which means he rejected her.
so what happens when she falls in love with someone else?
would Harry get jealous? would he love her?
wanna know? read it then!



ELLEO!!!! anyway here's an update!

you can see Joy in here!! :D


we got into the living room, and we sat on the couch, he wiped away the tears from my eyes.
"i missed  ya Joy" he smiled

"me too" i continued "IT'S ALMOST A YEAR LOUI I HATE YOU" punching him softly on the arm.

"you do know that i have been working right Mojo Jojo??"

"yeah i do but i'm your best friend you should've come and check me out often" i spoke.

"cmon i've been skyping with you twice a week not to mention the calls and the text massages almost everyday" he said calmly, i roled my eyes.
then he started talking about the one direction thing while i was staring at every single thing of his face his gorgues blue eyes, his perfect smile, his lips-

"are you even listening to me??" he started claping his hands.

his voice cut me off of my thoughts "huh, what??" i didnt know what to say i just stood there for 5 seconds in silnce.

"HELLO JOY WAKE UP" he yalled.
his eyes were wide opened i didn't say anything i was talking to myself how handsome he was.
"are you okay?" he asked i could tell he was worried.

"yeah im okay! so when are we going out loui??" i wanted to distract him.

"oh yeah, how about........ NOW?" i giggled, the way he said that was funny.

"okay wait i'll change and then we're out!" i said.

"fine but please be quick" he begged now that made me laugh.

"well, then you have to help me to pick what to wear"

"oh god okay!"
we ran up the stairs to my room like we used to when he was next doors, i got there before him as always.
"not again"

"admit it im better then you"

"noooooo thats not fair you know that you're younger than me"

"cmon loui you're 21 and im 18 its only 3 years its fair enough, you old man" i giggled, he pushed me softly.

"whatever, hurry up its almost 3:00p.m and im hungry" said louis pointing at his belly

"okay, okay" i started searching for some cool cloths when my eyes spotted a really cool jeans there were two one of them was red and the other was black.

"which one loui?"

"this" he pointed at the red jeans, i actually knew that he would pick that one thats why i picked this one from the first place.

"do you have a white shirt?"

"yeah loui, why?"

"be cause it would be perfect with the red jeans!" he explined

"oh okay" i looked for the white shirt and fianlly i found it, it was a white shirt with some words in black.
"i'll be back" i got out of the room and went to the bathroom i wore the jeans and then started with the top after wearing it and finishing my hair my phone rang i wanted to get out but loui answered, its okay i mean i remember when i used to answer his calls and he also did the same.



i was sitting in Joy's room when suddnly her phone rang i automacly picked it up and answered it. it was her crazy friend Layla, I used to hate her, she was annoying

"hi" i spoke

"J-Joy?" she said qustioning

"oh heey Layla its loui here Joy is in the bathroom! she'll be out in any minute"

"oh okay, hi loui wa-wait LOUIS hiiiiiii how are you its been a while" there were a sound of happeniss on her voice it shows.

"yeah, you know this year me and the boys were busy a lot had happened" thats when Joy got out of the bathroom. i have to say this she was stunning she had always been beautiful Layla was talking but i couldn't understand a thing.

"you look beautiful" i said

"thanks Loui, who is on the phone?"

"oh yeah its Layla here" i handed her the phone and got out "i'll be in the car okay?"

"okay Loui" she said slowly with a wink in her right eye.



"hiiio Joy"

"hi Layla"


"so what Layla"

"whats with you and louis huh?? tell meee!!"

"its nothing"

"awww really?? silly you, like i'd believe that, TELL ME"

"i swear its nothing" i was annoyed
its funny how people misunderstands us i mean louis and i have this uniqe friendship no one will ever understand this.

"okay fine, i know you want to get rid of me, go to your lover babe hahaha"

"first of all he's NOT my lover we're just best friends GOT IT LAYLA, and second yes i want to get rid of you so bye"

"okay, okay calm down, bye Joy have Fun"

"thanks Layla bye" i ended up the call and got out of my room, i went to the living room and i saw louis right in front of me.

"she was and still annoying isn't she?"

"noooo don't say that...... um maybe a little"

"hahahaha told ya, okay shall we?" he opened the door "sure thank you!"

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