How Could I Tell Her That I Love Her

this is Joy, Joy Barker,
a girl who falls in Love with the one and only Harry Styles.
but he didnt feel the same which means he rejected her.
so what happens when she falls in love with someone else?
would Harry get jealous? would he love her?
wanna know? read it then!



hey guys this is my first fanfic ever!!! hope you like it! :D


oh so my phone is ringing!
"nooooo i want to sleep! wait maybe its from loui" i said to myself before waking up, i opened my eyes i barly can see anything, i reached to the phone and opened it.
i was right it was him!
"~heeey beautiful if you're not busy today i may come to you're house at 7 XOXO Louis~"
"finally" i said then i started typing 
"~yeah sure i'll be waiting loui XOXO~"
last time i saw him was in summer i cant wait to see him. louis was my best friend since like forever not to mention that he was living in my nighbourhood and we were at the same school i remember he was driving me to school everyday, i miss those days.

I walked down the hall and saw my mom "Good morning sunshine" she said while she was making her coffee.
"Good morning mom" i said smiling to her thinking about the text i got from louis

"why are you smiling Joy?"  she asked me wondering

"oh yeah" i  giggled "i just got a text from loui and he's coming today at 7:00"

"oh really thats good" she stops and then continuse "it has been a while since we last saw him"

"yeah mom since summer! can you believe that its almost spring now"
"wow its almost a year now" she took a sip of her coffee and then looks at her watch "oops im late i have to go now bye Joy" she kissed me on the cheek and then left.

i was alone my mom left and my father ownes a company in New York and i barly see him every now and then, i turned on the T.V scroling through channels "ugh boring" i said and walked to the T.V turning it off then i continoued walking to my bedroom.
i tried to call Layla my friend but she didnt answer "maybe she's sleeping" i whspired while i was looking at the window seeing people walking and driving fast trying not to be late for there jobs i sighed and walked to the mirror thinking that i have to get a job or something to keep me busy, i saw myself on the mirror big brown eyes, squre face, small lips, long brown curly hair that stops on my hips, that was me suddnly my phone vabrited and cut my thuoghts i stood up and walked slowly to the phone and took it
"~okay then see ya louis~"

i smiled durning reading it and replied to him "~see ya~"
after that i saw the clock and it was 11a.m
"oh cmon!!! what am i sppose to do now??" i yalled "oh i'll call Layla" i took the phone and dailed her number it started ringing........................ when finally she answerd
"Hello?" i heared her voice she seemed like wasn't awake
"oh hi Layla its me Joy"
"oh yeah hi Joy"
"guess what Layla"
"loui is coming today"
"w-wait WHAT??? LOUI YOUR FRIEND???"
"hahahahaha yeah that loui he is coming today"
"omg i love you Joy"
"i know Layla i know" and we kept talking and talking till i heared a knock on the door.
"hey Layla there's someone kncking the door okay see you later bye"
"bye Joy"
i walked out of my room and contiuned walking till i reached the door i opened it
and saw him that tall blond boy with his gray eyes.
"hey Joy can we talk please" he spoke.
i looked into his beautiful gray eyes "okay come in" i mumbled
there was a huge smile on his face and then we got in
"look i know i was an idiot when i brokeup with and i'm really sorry cause i replaced you with-" i cut him before he could finish and said "listen Tom we're done okay i only said yes cause i didn't want anyone to hear us"
"just give me one more chance i promise you i'll change" said Tom with a sad voice
"im sorry Tom" i looked to the other side, he started to get closer and closer to me his hands were on my cheeks and our eyes were on connection "please Joy" he started to lean in but my phone vabrited there was a text massage.
Tom looked at me and said "why don't you see your phone"
"not now" i almost yalled
he took the phone from the table "NO" i yalled
"i knew it" he threow the phone and stood up he stared at my with a sad face and then walked away i was staring at him till he got out of the house.
i ran to see the phone and it was from loui

"~heey Joy how about i pick you up now and then we go back to your house
i knew what Tom was talking about he thuoght i was cheating on him or maybe i was over him i shoke my head to get rid of Tom

"~okay loui give me 30mins"
i waited for him to reply and it didn't take so long

"~okay will you please open the door i'm outside~"

"OMG" i shouted when i read that, i made my hair and got up to open the door i started walking and walking, now im in front of the door i rose my hand and i  started to open it i saw him standing there in front of me holding his car keys on the right hand and his phone was in the left one

"HELLO MOJO JOJO" he yalled as always, i couldn't hold it i just threw myself into his arms and started crying

"oh no Joy don't cry" he said while he was patting my back

"i'm .... just so happy .......that you're here" i breathed

"let's go inside" he whisperd


anyway i'll update soon :D


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