The Misfortune

It was a cold winters day and Jack decided to take his dog for a walk to park. He was walking to the park when suddenly his dog started barking at a something on the ground in the distance.Jack went to see what it was and it was A gun. Jack started freaking out and didnt know what to do. So he picked up the gun and the police saw him with the gun and the police said why have u got the gun and Jack replied very shocked i have just picked it up The police took Jack to the police station to question him. Jack had no idea who left the gun on the ground so he gave it to the police and then jack said to the police i didn't know who's it was so i gave it to the police. Jack had a shocking day finding that gun on the ground.Then after been at the police station Jack went home and he got grounden by his mum and dad and he was in a right stat because know one belived that he found ut they all thought that he was hiding it in he bedroom and carring it around with him.


2. pert 2

-a few days later-


The police had informed Jack that they had found finger prints on the gun so they have Jack come in so they can take some finger prints from him. They were done taking the finger prints so Jack was told to sit in the waiting room while they ran some tests. After about an hour the results were in and Jack went into the back to look at the results..Jack was nervous about what was happening but he knew it wasn't his. He knew they would find someone elses prints. He just knew it. "Sir, please take a seat. Anything you say can and will be used against you." The officer said. Jack sat down and the cops showed him the reports. Any prints on the gun were his. There was no sign of any other prints. "Please put your hands behind your back, sir. We will need to check your pockets. And you will be put in your jail cell." He said. "But I-" "Please." He said , not letting me finish my sentence. Did anyone believe me? Not even my own parents did. And now I'm in jail. For something I didn't own but found. "Way to go Jack." I thought to myself. After they handcuffed me, they checked my pockets and put me in a cell.

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