Devils Daughter

Famous boy band One Direction adopt a fifteen year old girl named Mousie Andrews. Mousie isn't like the other teenage girls out there she's different she has super powers and as for the boys they use the whole boy band role as a disguise for they are actually demon hunters. When Mousie's left a box from her parents she realizes who her parents are.



3. Chapter 3

*~*MOUSIE POV*~* I placed my last suit case in the back of the limo, Harry closed it then got in the car Derek came out with a metal box that had a weird lock on the front of it it didn't have a combination thing or a place to put a key it had a dial and the initials M.A engraved underneath it. Derek handed me the box, I was a bit confused and he seemed to have caught on. "You're leaving the country and I going to miss your birthday Saturday, your real parents told me to give this to you when your sixteen." Derek said giving me a week smile. I smiled back and gave him a hug "I'll be back" I said in a terminator voice making him laugh. "You kill me Mousie" Derek laughed he walked me to the door of the limo there were only five seats and a booster seat on the ground were there was a rope as a seat belt. "So where am I sitting?" I asked rocking from my heels to my toes back and forth. Liam pointed to the booster seat I shook my head. "You do know that's not safe like at all" I said matter of factly Derek shook his head and chuckled walking back into the orphanage. "It's either that or-" I slammed the door stopping Harry's incredibly slow speaking I got into the front next to the driver and buckled in my seat belt. "Hi I'm Mousie" I smiled sticking my hand out to the driver. He returned my handshake and smile "Drew" he answered he started the car and we started driving I heard a knock on the window thing separating the back and the front seats. I rolled it down and looked at who knocked it was Liam. "Are you okay Mousie?" Liam asked "Yes" I stated I was okay he glanced at the box that laid in my lap then back at me. "What's that?" He asked "A box" I answered he was about to say something but I rolled the window up cutting him off. "If only I can do that" Drew sighed laughing "You can't roll up a window?" I asked him he shook his head "I can but its against job regulations to roll the window up when they're speaking to me" he laughed I shook my head. I pulled out my old school blackberry and started playing brick breaker. "We're here!" Drew called waking me up from my nap. I sat up and looked around we were at an airport. I got out of the car as well as well as the boys. I walked next to Liam holding his hand, he looked at me surprised but wrapped his fingers around my petite hand. I was afraid if crowds yet that what the situation was right now people everywhere I had the sudden urge to turn invisible and hide away but with the boys right next to me and being in a crowd that would give away my secret the boys are already suspicious. We started walking further into the crowd and I squeezed Liam's hand for dear life I suddenly felt my feet glued in one spot and became a deer caught in headlights. 

"Mousie are you alright?" Liam asked Zayn came up next to us he had my file it was opened and he seemed to be reading it as he walked he suddenly came to a stop and whispered something in Liam's ear. I couldn't quite hear it, my vision became blury and my legs couldn't hold me up anymore. My grip loosened on Liam's hand and I collided with the floor. I fainted. 

    "You okay baby Mouse?" The voice asked I was in a dark room again a spotlight shined on me I looked around for the man who asked that. 

"I'm fine daddy" I called. Daddy? Why did I just call him daddy?

"When are you coming home baby?" The voice sounded so denomical, yet for some reason it was nice hearing it. i didn't expect to respond to him but my mouth had a mind if it's own. 

"Soon" I answered I was confused where was this information coming from? where was home? I stood up from the ground and started walking the voice let out a laugh "where are you?" I asked the voice I sounded so confident "hello?" I called it was complete and utterly silent. "Daddy?" I called once more. I was soon tackled into something. They wrapped there freezing arms around me it was that thing from my last dream! They came closer to my

face this time. 

"Mousie" it whispered its whisper sounded like an old man dying I looked into I what I suspect to be its eyes. It looked as if it was sorry for something "the box" it whispered again. 

      I shot up covered in sweat I was in someone's lap and we were on a plane I looked around at my surrounding I was in Harry's lap in my hand I had my metal box I had gotten from Derek.  "Mousie are you okay you were shaking. Were you having a nightmare? We didn't know you were afraid of crowds why didn't you tell us" Harry started to ramble I got off his lap and looked around for Liam. I don't know why but there's something about it that just.. I don't know how to explain it but he seems like he can be my shoulder to cry on and I can trust him. I took my box with me I felt as is I was a little school gurl holding her tin lunch pale. I found Liam he was on his laptop doing what I believe is a twitcam. He looked up at me and smiled 

"Guys something came up I'll be back later bye lovelies" he waved shutting off his computer. I stood there awkwardly staring at him as he put his thing away he patted the spot next to him as for me to sit down. I followed his orders and sat down next to him pulling my legs to my cheat holding my box as close to me as possible. "Why are you crying?" He asked wiping the tears I didn't even know I had. 

"I don't knoe" I answered honestly I was a bit shocked myself. He wrapped an arm around my shoulders and pulled me closer to him. 

"What's in your box?" Liam asked me 

"I don't know I can't open it yet, I have to wait a few more days" I whispered loud enough for him to hear me. 

"Whys that?" He asked

"That's what Derek told me" 

"were you close to him?" 

"Yeah he was my fatherly figure, for most of my life" 

"Oh" he looked as if he was lost for words "you should go to sleep it's getting late" he smiled I nodded he showed me to a bunk that I'm suggesting is his because it says'Liam' over it. I laid down and closed my eyes letting sleep take over me. 

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