Devils Daughter

Famous boy band One Direction adopt a fifteen year old girl named Mousie Andrews. Mousie isn't like the other teenage girls out there she's different she has super powers and as for the boys they use the whole boy band role as a disguise for they are actually demon hunters. When Mousie's left a box from her parents she realizes who her parents are.



2. Chapter 2


     Derek walked in my room with a suitcase and my favorite Spider-man backpack he got me for Christmas a while back. "Hey mouse I see you've met the men adopting you" Derek said placing a fake smile on his face. I nodded and sat Derek tossed me a tee shirt that read 'I don't always panic! but when I do I panic at the disco'  I put the shirt on and looked at the men around my room they were very attractive and dressed a bit foreign from us Americans. Their style was a bit more formal.  They had really familiar faces. 

 "Mousie Mousie Mousie is it tr-" Miley the youngest girl in the house came bouncing in but stopped when she realized who were in my room. "Wow you're one direction" she whispered

"Smiley get back downstairs and eat your pourage before it get cold and hard!" Derek scolded she giggled tuning back down the steps. That's who they were. Last nights memories with Derek came flooding back. I looked around  "Mousie you need to pack your things you're leaving in thirty minutes." He stated he had a sad look in his eyes. Derek left the room I stood up and the men were watching my every move. 

"You can sit down, I do bite" I said 

"don't you mean you don't bite?" The curly haired one said 

"No, I'd be lieing if I said I don't but you can ask anyone here I bite" I stated not looking at them I pulled my clothes down from the hanger when I felt the usually tingly sensation in my stomach I turned around  to face them they were all staring at  there power orb each of them had a   symbol inside it. I didn't catch the symbols before the orbs went inside of me. (If you hadn't caught on Mousie absorbed their powers)  they looked at me with shocked faces. 

"What just happened?" The blonde said I turned around and acted like nothing happened I went back to packing my things. 

"She gained our powers" one of them said I had my back facing them so I don't know who. 

"So she has the same powers as us??" The blonde one said I know it was his because his accent is different from the rest. 

"Do you think she knows?" Another one said 

"I don't know" I placed my last piece of clothing in my suitcase then zipped it up I placed all my fiminem products in the backpack and turned back around to look at them I had finished packing they were watching my every move. 

"Are you ready to go?" The one with black hair asked he seemed quiet for some reason and a bit scared. 

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