Devils Daughter

Famous boy band One Direction adopt a fifteen year old girl named Mousie Andrews. Mousie isn't like the other teenage girls out there she's different she has super powers and as for the boys they use the whole boy band role as a disguise for they are actually demon hunters. When Mousie's left a box from her parents she realizes who her parents are.



1. Chapter 1


    "Mousie... Mousie baby girl come home..." A voice whispered it sounded so denomical and scary like the devil himself was whispering to me. 

"Who are you?" I called out I was in a pitch black room with a spot light on me I couldn't see a light source of where the spotlight could be coming from. I was sitting on my knees. 

"You have to figure that out your self" it croaked again I stood up only to be pushed back down by some man he had a sinister smile planted on his face and his teeth looked like a sharks mouth. He crawled on top of me his face was really close to mine he had blood dripping out of his mouth and he seemed to be growling. 

    I shot up from my slumber, I was in my bed dripping with sweat. My dreams were always like this, the same sinister voice calling out to me calling me baby girl and telling me to come home daddy misses me. 

  I looked at my alarm clock on my nightstand 3:58 in the morning it was raining outside I got out of my bed and walked to the kitchen I had on some shorts that went to my mid thigh and a sports bra  I tied my hair up I a messy bun then grabbed a glass from the cabinet. I poured some orange juice in the glass and sat on the counter top. I grabbed yesterday's newspaper and started reading the comics. The light flicked on making me chuck my glass  at the figure in the door way.  "Shit Mousie what the hell was that for?" Derek yelled he's the owner of this orphanage. ringing my knees to my chest. 

"You scared me mouse, I heard noises I thought you were a burglar or soething" Derek said gripping at his chest. He looked at the glass on the floor that just missed him I just so happened to move it with my mind. I have one main power I can absorb powers from other people. I've been around a few people with powers I can fly, control things with my mind and I am able to control the weather and plants I am like the human torch and I have tattoos that can tell you what you want to know but you have to be really close and I mean like snogging type closeness. Depends on what you want to know. 

"I'm sorry" I said in an almost whisper, I pulled my knees to my chest and looker at Derek. 

"Stop apologising all the time, it's okay mouse you didn't know" he stated he's usually a lot nicer why is he being so mean to me. 

"Why are you being mean to me?" I asked a bit scared for the answer he stepped closer to me wrapping his arms around me. 

"I'm sorry, it's just you're being adopted and I don't want to lose you mouse" he said he never really knew how to control his emotions he'd usually stuff them away or just be mean. 

"Who is adopting me?" I asked 

"A famous man he's from that band some of the other girls like, I didn't tell no one because he doesn't want the  attention from the girls but I think he's only adopting you for  more fame." Derek scowler 

"I'll come back they always send me back" 

"No Mousie don't think like that"

"It's true though" 

"no it's not, Mousie let's get you to bed I'll have one of the maids clean up that mess" he said lifting me off the counter carrying me bridal style, I've been the longest girl to stay here at this orphanage it's mostly thirteen Year olds and younger kids I'm the oldest, I've been here since as long as I can remember. Derek knew about my nightmares not my powers though. He's like my fatherly figure always looking after me. 

   Derek laid me on my bed and tucked me in then laid next to me wrapping an arm around my shoulders and pulling out a book from the nightstand. He started reading until my eyes got heavy and I fell asleep. 

      I was being shaken from my shoulders. "Mousie wake up love" a soothing voice called it didn't seem familiar I opened my eyes and saw an unfamiliar face. "Good morning sleepy head" the man cooed he blonde hair with brown roots he was acompanied my other men. 

"Niall you're scaring her" a man with black hair said it wasn't completely true I was mor nervous than scared. 

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