Forbidden Love

When Hermione Granger meets Draco Malfoy, they instantly hate each other. But when they serve detention together, for Filch, some thing unexpected happens.


1. Accio Yule Ball...!

I'm Hermione Granger. Some wizards would say I'm different. They call me "mudblood". Muggle born. Dirty blood. But one wizard stands out from the others. Draco Malfoy. He's a muggle born hater. Obviously. Probably the worst too. Harry and Ron help me, I 'spose, but it doesn't help. Ugh. Anyway, I'm in my fourth year now. And the Triwizard tournament is going on. Harry's name got pulled out of the goblet. He didn't even put it in. I'm scared for him. Professor McGonogall wants us all for the Yule Ball dance.


"So today, Gryffindors; Slytherins, we are going to be working on a Yule Ball classic. The waltz." McGonogall surveyed us. "Like I'll ever do this." Ron muttered to Harry. I looked over at Draco. Whispering to Crabbe and Goyle. As he would. "Ron, you have to do this. It's impossible not to." I whispered to Ron. Ron turned to stare at me. "Mrs Granger. Mr Malfoy." Professor McGonogall barked. "Detention, Trophy Room, Tonight, 7pm. No excused." My mouth gaped open. Detention... with Malfoy..!!! Great, totally great.

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