An Uprising Story

This is a story, I am not gonna lie it could be great, it could be shocking, it could even put your mind to rest about rumors. But just know one thing, after this... your never gonna look at a politician the same. Ever again.


1. Another Day In the Office

My day isn't a typical day for you mortals.

Of course I am not typical to you mortals.

I am a demon. I don't eat, drink, sleep, piss or crap.

Which works out fine because I have access to things that you mortals don't.

First of all my name is Coraline. I was 16 years old when I made a deal with the devil, my deal was if I was converted into demon kind I would retrieve 100 souls to him in return. Obviously I achieved that deal.

It's been 1000 days since that little discussion, and what you mortals don't know is that your leaders are not who they seem. Obama? please. You should see what is under his meat suit.

Your politician are not people, they are things and trust me they are not helping you in anyway. 

They are smart. They are dangerous and they sure know how to act.

My job is like on TV, I crawl through vents and break into their offices, they know I am their but they can't do anything. Mortals are everywhere.

To my advantage, they are getting easier to fool.

But don't worry.

They won't get to far, not in my planet.

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