An Uprising Story

This is a story, I am not gonna lie it could be great, it could be shocking, it could even put your mind to rest about rumors. But just know one thing, after this... your never gonna look at a politician the same. Ever again.


2. Another Day In the Office Part 2

I couldn't help but smirk as he stood talking, Claiming that he was gonna change the way the world thinks. He already has, Poisoning the drinks, food and the water..Of course you mortals believe him, you only use 20% of your brain because the products they put in your food killed the other 80% of it.

Some people are immune to it of course, that's what people call schizophrenia, paranoia.. yadda yadda.

I couldn't stop myself from glaring. JFK had been the last of them, and they shot him in the melon. Politicians where officially deceased. They were all monsters now, I had never seen one in the flesh out of its meat suit.

It was smart I had to admit. The first black president, that was saying something giving people trust that everyone was equal. No one is equal. If someone was equal then they would have the same finger prints. In saying that people get shitty about it. 

In my thoughts equality is a social status not a genetic or biological status. Yes human kind are made from the same materials but socially everyone is better then each other it never ending but their he was getting mighty on his high horse about the right of american citizens, well sorry Mr. Obama but I don't quiet understand how you have the right to control the thoughts of millions. But it's okay cause dressed as a high earning reporter he couldn't recognize my hatred and true form to him.

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