Lucia has loved lucian more then anyone would love anyone, she has given into him fully untill lucians brother lucas warns her off on they're own wedding day. Even after asking lucian, lucia can feel lucian pulling away from him. There is something thats setting him off the edge. And she has made it her mission to find ou what.


2. Two

The next morning I woke up by the alarm and soon took a shower and walked down the stairs to the kitchen and surprise surprise! Lucian was there laughing and chatting with my mom.

"Morning!" I say and sit at the bar stool near the kitchen table. Grin spliting his face lucian winked at me.

"What are you, doing here?" I ask and try my best to pretend I dont want him here while its the opposite.

"What? Now you dont want me to come here?" aksed lucian, edging on his temper. 

"Maybe!" I say, teasing lucian on purpose. Though I dont really have any intentions to piss him off.

"Kate im really sorry for my behavior.." said lucian apolozingly to my mother and in return she gave him a curt nod.

"You!" said lucian poing his finger at me. "Upstairs now!" lucian walked to where I sat and took hold of my elbow really hard. Owwww.

Being pulled upstairs to my bedroom, I let lucian take me wherever he wanted.

After locking my bedroom door did lucian let go of my elbow, and pushed me to the wall and then he blocked my way and before I even knew it his lips were on mine, it was like kiss me or die, but ofcourse I would always choose Lucian over anyone worth it or not.

Pulling away first Lucian looked into my eyes and I looked back at him, we stayed like that for moments when he narrowed his eyes.

"What!?" I ask,grinning.

"Dont ever again pretend you dont want me to be with you even for a minute!" said lucian kissing me harshly but soon the kiss changed to something passionate, lucian's arms started roaming over my body but he never touched me under my stomach, lucian has always been respectfull and patient.

I pulled away from the kiss and kissed his chin.

Chuckling like a normal teenager lucian nipped at me behind my ear.

"Come on lets go back downstairs." said lucian pulling me with him and unlocking the door.

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