Lucia has loved lucian more then anyone would love anyone, she has given into him fully untill lucians brother lucas warns her off on they're own wedding day. Even after asking lucian, lucia can feel lucian pulling away from him. There is something thats setting him off the edge. And she has made it her mission to find ou what.


3. Three

 After having a nice sweet breakfast with lucian while mom went to grab some groceries,me and lucian went back upstairs to my bedroom.

After reaching my bedroom while holding lucian's hand and dragging him up with me to my bedroom, i opened my bedroom door and dragged lucian in with me, i closed the door behind us and lock it, then i walked to the bed while i was still holding lucian's hand, and i sat down on the bed, grinning at him.

"what now?" i ask and look at him from where he his standing.

Lucian bend lower to my side and i feel a blast of heat in my body immediately.

"do you really want me to tell you?" asked lucian teasingly and gave me one of those smiles which took my breath away. "maybe i want you to show me." i say teasingly, and give him one of my smiles which he likes too. Hissing through his teeth he bend over once more and took hold of my nape."I would like that too." said lucian and kissed me roughly and in seconds the kiss turned to something urgent and desperate, it was filled with love and i loves that feeling.

Grinning between kisses i pulled back and he kissed my nose as i kissed his cheek. "Is this all we are going to do?" i ask,pouting my lips.

"Now,dont be so greedy,angel. After tomorrow you wont have to wait for anything." said lucian, giving me his devilish grin and nipping me behind my ear.


There went the bell, UGH! 

"we could just let who ever it is to wait a little longer..." i say pleadingly pouting my lips and earn a teethful grin from lucian.

Shaking his head,"its your mom and im sure she will be pissed if we let her wait any longer!" said lucian,pulling me off of my bed by my arm.

"UGH! Fine but after our wedding your all mine!" i say, honestly not liking us getting apart.

"And who makes you think i would even leave you for a second once you Mrs.DiLaurantis?" asked lucian, giving me an evil grin.

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