Lucia has loved lucian more then anyone would love anyone, she has given into him fully untill lucians brother lucas warns her off on they're own wedding day. Even after asking lucian, lucia can feel lucian pulling away from him. There is something thats setting him off the edge. And she has made it her mission to find ou what.


1. One

I woke up by someone throwing something on my window, I removed my blanket and climbed out of bed, wearing my slippers I walked to the window and peaked through my curtains and looked at who it was, it was Lucian, the love of my life.

Grinning I opened my window and waved at him.

"what are you doing here?" I whisper, still grinning ear to ear.

Lucian raised his brow in answer and waved at me to come downstairs.

I looked back inside my room and then peaked at him again.

"You know I cant!" I whisper and wave at him to leave, for the love of god it was two in the morning.

"Either you come down here or I'm going to climb up your window! And you know thats way noisy!" said lucian, the thing I like about him is that he could easily get pissed and easily get back to his normal self, he was good at changing his mood pretty fast and I love that about my freaking loveable lucian.

"I'm going to get busted!" I said more louder this time, but I was still grinning.

"Then its worth it!" said lucian, losing his temper. Smiling like a pshyco I closed my window fixed the curtains, walked to my closet to take my robe out and wore it, after checking my moms room I tip toed downstairs and got out of my house. I walked to the left and there he was. Lucian diLaurantis, wearing worn blue jeans and a muscle tight shirt which showed every bit muscle and his abs perfectly like he was curved out by some professional artist, with his dirty blond hair and ice blue eyes which sometimes looked warm, lucian was 5 years older than me and right now im 20 while he is 26, my mom does approve of him and doesnt mind if he is way older than me, but she didnt like us hanging around when it was late.

"What do you want this late?" I ask trying to look irritated but lucian knows me so well that he would be able to draw me with his eyes blind folded.

"I couldnt sleep without kissing you." said lucian and came to me, holding me in his arms lucian bend over and kissed me, it was like how it always is, love, lust, passion. Thats the reason why I fell in love with him which is why I have accepted his proposal and we are engaged since two weeks and our wedding is after two days. Pulling away I looked at him and thats when his ice blue eyes warmed up.

"So your going to the bachelor party tomorrow night, right?" I asked and lucian gave me a nod.

"Are you sure there are no strippers?" I ask for the first time.

"Are you jealous!? Oh my god! You are!" said lucian grinning ear to ear.

"Its not funny!" I say and playingly punch him in his chest.

"I'm really sorry I didnt mean to upset you,I'm really glad that your jealous. I think I would have honestly minded if you were not jealous." said lucian seriously. I stand on my toes and pull his lips to mine and kiss him, letting him know that I loved him more than anyone.

"You have gotten your kisses, now I have to sleep!" I said kissing him and ran back to my porch, before walking back inside lucian waved at me an I blew him a good bye kiss.

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