Lucia has loved lucian more then anyone would love anyone, she has given into him fully untill lucians brother lucas warns her off on they're own wedding day. Even after asking lucian, lucia can feel lucian pulling away from him. There is something thats setting him off the edge. And she has made it her mission to find ou what.


10. nine

 I woke up by early morning sunlight and felt something farm beneth my face, lifting my head slowly I saw lucian laying on his back while I was on my side with my head on his chest and my legs tangled with his. Lucians tan musculsr chest warm so warm and attractive I couldn't help but kiss his chest, so I did. Two warm blue eyes opened and looked at me, lucian blinked sleepily and smiled at me, "Hey beautifull! ", I smile back and give him another kiss, on top of his heart this time. Lucian pulls my hair away from my neck and kisses me...thats when I remember everything, why we were naked under the sheets right now. The way lucian had made love to meyesterday, so gentle and lovingly. I still remember the heated kisses he gave me.

"What are you thinking about?" Asked lucian caressing my back. "I was thinking of how gentle and lovingly you were to me last night" I say. Grinning lucian lifts my chin up with his fingers.

"T'is won't be the first time, love" said lucian, amazing me by his heated words."Lucia, after what happened last night, I dont want to share you, understand?" Asked lucian and I gave him an immediate nod of my head.

After five minutes of laying in bed lucian walked to the bathroom for a shower.

After half an hour lucian walked out of th bathroom witt only a black towel wrapped around his waist, his back muscles moving with every move and catching my eyes. "Did I pass the beauty contest?" Caught looking at him I felt like someone had caught me with my hand in the cookie jar, and I blushed feverishly. Laughing at how obviously my blush showed lucian walked to the closet and took out a white towel for me. "Why does everything have to be in black?"I ask and I regret doing so thr minute lucians smile is no where to be seen. "Go and tske a shower" said lucian harshly, and held out the white towel. "The bathrobe is inside the bathroom" said lucian and I hurried into the bathroom.

I walked downstairs to the kitchen, whereever that was. Everything in the was of wood, even the floors and walls. Our bed had these strange carvings in the bed head and on the beds foot and lucian said it was something of his family generation would do if they got newly wed.

At last I found the kitchen where lucian stood next to the dinning table and poured orange juice in each of our glass. Turning around lucian looked at me, "You look beautiful" said lucian. I wore a purple see through shirt with black bra and shorts which reached my thighs half way.

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