Lucia has loved lucian more then anyone would love anyone, she has given into him fully untill lucians brother lucas warns her off on they're own wedding day. Even after asking lucian, lucia can feel lucian pulling away from him. There is something thats setting him off the edge. And she has made it her mission to find ou what.


8. eight

 Saying our good byes to everyone me and lucian sat in his car the latest audi in pure black, lucian had a taste for cars and cellphones, he sees new iphone or blackberry he has got to buy it, or he thinks he's lame. Right now he had the new touch screen blackberry he just got it a week ago when he gifted me samsung galaxy tab 3. Fiddling with my thumbs I asked."Where exactly is our honeymoon?". 

Grinning lucian put his hand on my thigh and send a hot shiver through my whole body. Before leaving I changed into something light but ofcourse it had to be black as well since lucian told me, I wore a low neck black sheer dress with puffed half sleeves, it brought out most of my shape and my curves, I still remember the look lucian gave me after he saw me in this dress. "God lucia! You look damn hot! Dont take that dress off, because I will be the one to take it off, understand?". I still couldnt forget the heated way he had said that, sending heated waves through me.

"What are you thinking?" Asked lucian, bringing me back from the past. "Nothung really.." I answered back.

After about two and 45 minutes the car stopped, turning to look at lucian I raised one of my eyebrows. "We're here." Said lucian, getting out of the car lucian came to my side and opened the door for me. Getting out I saw what our honeymoon was going to be...,, there was a huge mansion mostly made of wood and beautifully polished and beautiful with the beach beside it the color of turquoise. "Its lovely" I said looking at lucian, I gave him a small thank you kiss and smiled at him. "Well, you haven't seen the inside yet". "I aalready know I'd love it even more" I say and walk with him to the threshold.  Before I can even step a foot inside lucian has me in his arms and walks through the threshold. Laughing with happiness I kiss his jaw while he giggles. 

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