A Difficult Love Story

A sad and lonely girl thinks that she is ugly and will never win the heart of anyone, when a new hot boy comes to town she falls in love with him but doesn't think he would ever fall in love with her. So she doesn't talk to him, in fact she avoids him she even pretends to hate him just so that no one will ever know about her love for him. But, when she enters a Talent Night at school everything changes. Will there ever be a relationship between them or will he fall in love with someone else?


5. There's something weird about her

Blair's P.O.V

There's something weird about Trista ever since the day she got punched she hasn't spoken to me she's always avoiding every time I go to sit down with her and talk to her she gets up and leaves or she moves away. "Hey Blair what's up still thinking about that girl?" I look up to see Matthew looking down at me, "hey Matt yeah I just don't understand why she's acting so weird" "don't worry man she can't avoid you forever" "yeah I know but I just wish I could just talk to her." I watched him as he walked away and sat back down at his desk I turned and looked out the window out to the yard I looked over at the big tree that was sitting in the far corner of the yard, Trista was sitting over there earlier but she's gone now. I sigh I wish I knew more about her and who she was, or she would at least speak to me.

 Trista's P.O.V

School's ended I'm now heading over to my favourite place to sit the old train tracks, it may sound dangerous but I just love going out to the tracks and just sitting and thinking about my life that's the place I normally go when I feel like crying it's away from the rest of the world a place where I can be me without having someone watching me and thinking that I'm a weirdo. It's a perfect place for me. After about 30 minutes of walking arrive at my spot I sit down and start thinking about the Talent Night I've decided that I'm going to enter, now I just need to decide what I'm singing, hmmm it doesn't really matter right now it's in September I still have 4 months to decide. I want it to be a song that reflexes my inner beauty and shows off my voice, something that will prove to everyone that I am more than just the ugly, positive, nice girl and that I can be a beautiful, nice, happy person with no need to be sad because that's the girl I am deep down inside.


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