A Difficult Love Story

A sad and lonely girl thinks that she is ugly and will never win the heart of anyone, when a new hot boy comes to town she falls in love with him but doesn't think he would ever fall in love with her. So she doesn't talk to him, in fact she avoids him she even pretends to hate him just so that no one will ever know about her love for him. But, when she enters a Talent Night at school everything changes. Will there ever be a relationship between them or will he fall in love with someone else?


6. The Talent show

Today's the day, today is the day that I will get on stage and let everybody there know that I'm not just the smart girl that everyone bullies I can show them that they misjudged me and that I am better than they let on. I'm actually really nervous about all this I'm just to raise my spirits by saying all this, this is the scariest thing I have ever done I mean wow. I've decided to sing Set Fire to the Rain by Adele, its a beautiful song and it really brings out my true self, and it really shows how powerful my voice is. Its going to be so much fun, although it might not be considering that Blair's in the audience, yeah that pretty much kills the fun for me oh well just got to get out there and show him what I got. "Trista" I turned to see one of the stage hands behind me "your on after this act" "ok thanks" "no problem" and then he was gone I've already had my hair and make-up done and I've already done my warm-ups so I guess all theirs left to do is go and wait in the wings.

The act before mine is finally finished gez I thought that it was going to go on forever but, its finally over and its my turn to take the stage the announcer came on stage "ok ladies and gentlemen give it up for the Raidma Brothers" a loud cheer went up and there were lots of clapping "and now its are final contestant of the night Trista Manson" he then left the stage a microphone was handed to me well here goes nothing I went on stage and had a bit of a chat with the judges and then began to sing Set Fire to the Rain.

Author's Note
Just thought I'd let you know that I'm not going to put the lyrics here or have a YouTube video of the song sorry if you don't know it or you don't like it but I don't think that I should waste a chapter writing lyrics to the song especially if its a popular song and a lot of people know it. So anyway back to the story.

The music began and I lifted the microphone to my mouth took a big breath and began to sing, I started of singing quietly and as the song progressed I got louder and more confident and by the second chorus I was showing my true self and singing with my true singing power, and it felt amazing I took that moment to marvel at how comfortable I felt on the stage, and when the song ended a thunderous cheer rose up and then people started standing up and they all of a sudden I was getting a standing ovation I stood there amazed of how well it all went the announcer came out and put his arm around me "well folks give it up for Trista Manson" a enormous cheer went up and thunderous amount of clapping rose up. "Now it's time to bring all the acts on stage" and then he went through and listed all the acts the crowd clapped and cheered anxiously waiting to hear who the winner was. "ladies and gentlemen gives these guys around of applause" a loud round of applause and cheers went up "and now the moment you have all been waiting for the winner is............" I started shaking like crazy at this point I just didn't know how it was going to go I was both scared and excited it was a really weird feeling.

I wasn't really paying attention but I heard the loud cheers and I looked at the announcer just in time to hear him say "Trista you did it you won" I was so surprised and just like that I had people hugging me like crazy and saying that my performance was amazing and it was spectacular and everything. But I was to shocked and happy to notice. I just saw confetti falling, heard people cheering and clapping and the announcer wrapping things up and then the show ended and we went off stage.

Blair's P.O.V

Trista looked amazingly beautiful on that stage and her voice was so beautiful I was both surprised and amazed at how beautiful she was all this time she's been avoiding me and I've heard so people talk about her behind her back and say all this nasty stuff about her, and I have to admit saying some mean things myself and after all this time and after all that's happened I haven't noticed the beauty that she possesses its a wonder of how I missed that, how everyone missed that. I think that I'm in love, and now thinking about it I'd say I have been all this time just haven't noticed it till now, now I have finally noticed my love for her and I'm going to tell her that I will tell her how much I love her, and care for her and how I wish that she could be mine. I love her that much.


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