A Difficult Love Story

A sad and lonely girl thinks that she is ugly and will never win the heart of anyone, when a new hot boy comes to town she falls in love with him but doesn't think he would ever fall in love with her. So she doesn't talk to him, in fact she avoids him she even pretends to hate him just so that no one will ever know about her love for him. But, when she enters a Talent Night at school everything changes. Will there ever be a relationship between them or will he fall in love with someone else?


3. Talent Time

Trista's P.O.V

I'm so stupid why was I not looking where I was going why did I have to crash into him and why did it have to be him of all people why him I don't understand anyway I've been sitting here with my head resting on my arms with the sun shining on me listening to the teacher talk I'm not sure exactly what about but there talking about something. Every time I go to listen my mind goes back what happened earlier and if he or his friends are going to tell anyone most likely, chances are that everyone will know before the end of the day. Tomorrow I'll walk through the doors to laughter, lots and lots of laughter and bullying they will come up with names for me and they will all just stand there and shout, laugh and point at me and it will get worse as the day progresses they will never forget this one, never.

Why am I so stupid why can't I just be normal why do I have to be the ugly, smart, clumsy person that I am, why does everyone hate me so much what have I done to them! These are the questions that will probably never be answered. Anyway I tried looking at the teacher but, my eyes strayed over to the new kid's back I still didn't who was, but I liked him never the less. His brownish-blonde hair seemed to glow I the sunshine he really was wonderful. Then the teacher said something that made me sit up straight and pay very close attention I wasn't sure exactly but I could've swore she said something about a talent show, "the talent show otherwise known as Talent Time will take place on Wednesday the 5th of September and all students will be allowed to perform one act and one act only to try and win the 5th annual Talent Time trophy."

A talent night that's just what I need to let everyone know who I truly am and who I really can be people are always telling me that I'm a good singer this perfect for me, no more bullying for me and I might even impress the new kid too. I really need to find out his name, maybe just maybe he will see who I really am  and he will fall in love with me. This could just work.


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