A Difficult Love Story

A sad and lonely girl thinks that she is ugly and will never win the heart of anyone, when a new hot boy comes to town she falls in love with him but doesn't think he would ever fall in love with her. So she doesn't talk to him, in fact she avoids him she even pretends to hate him just so that no one will ever know about her love for him. But, when she enters a Talent Night at school everything changes. Will there ever be a relationship between them or will he fall in love with someone else?


13. Author's Note

Hi guys that is the end of A Difficult Love Story but my friend told me that I should kept going and thought that I would maybe ask your opinion on this should I do a sequel from this moment or should I leave it as what it currently is. Please respond I would really appreciate it so far I've gotten like 2 comments saying that I should keep going and really do need more so please. I do have plans for Trista and Blair but I would like you input on this, I really do prefer it when the writer and the readers have a connection with each other it really is amazing hearing from you guys. The best part is you can tell me anything, anything to do with the story like ratings, ideas, what you think, questions all of that stuff. I would just like to say that all you people on Wattpad, Quotev and Movellas have been amazing I love you guys!!

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