A Difficult Love Story

A sad and lonely girl thinks that she is ugly and will never win the heart of anyone, when a new hot boy comes to town she falls in love with him but doesn't think he would ever fall in love with her. So she doesn't talk to him, in fact she avoids him she even pretends to hate him just so that no one will ever know about her love for him. But, when she enters a Talent Night at school everything changes. Will there ever be a relationship between them or will he fall in love with someone else?


1. Friends who needs them

Friends who needs them, I mean look at me I don't have any friends and look how well my life's going. I never really understood the whole best friends forever thing. Giving each other friendship bracelets or necklaces where one says best and the other says friend, I just think that all the friend nonsense is just silly. Friends, their main purpose in life is to look after you, to stick up for you, to be nice and caring towards you and to help you when your down. Not to help you pick out clothes, boss you around or make fun of you. You don't buy your friend cute little necklaces made for the both of you, you're supposed to buy them something that is important for them, like a CD from their favourite band, or a book that they really enjoy, something to do with them not you. Unless of course they want you to, you should care for them and get them what they want. I guess what I'm trying to say is a lot of people don't know what a real friendship is, like pretty much everything that relates to a stereotypical friendship are the things that usually cause the end of the said friendship. Something as simple as losing the bracelet or necklace can break up a friendship, I should know, I've seen it with my own eyes.

I used to have many friends. Believe it or not but I used to be quite popular in the school. That was before I figured out how much they actually hated me, I found that they were actually talking about me behind my back and began to notice how nasty they were to my face. I found this out the hard way, I overheard them talking about me. Unfortunately for me they saw me and they knew I knew so they stopped with their act and just let me know what they truly feel and ever since then they've hated me.

You may not understand the whole friends who needs them thing but trust me when I say that having friends is not an important part of this life. Life is about living it to the fullest, and accepting the things that happen in it that's what I'm doing and I have nothing to worry about. Being an outcast isn't as hard as what it seems, the bullying is hard to deal with at first but once you've gotten past the shock and accepted it, you'll find that it's much easier to cope with. I've been on my own for quite some time now and no one has ever truly been there for me in my time of need. There always seems to be a stigma around this kind of life, the feeling that they're in a healthy mental state just because they're not crying or trying to kill themselves. I however, know that that's not true, no matter how happy a person seems to be in life, they're will always be a little voice in their head, telling them that they're a bad person and that they don't deserve the pleasure of life. The voice is always there, but some people have the strength to ignore it.


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