The Wolves of Lowcastle

Filled with secrets, magic, werewolves and forbidden love, The Wolves of Lowcastle is a fantasy-filled-fairy-tale told in multiple perspectives that will leave you wanting more.

When Prince Robert's father falls ill, he is given the task of finding the cure- which happens to lie with the village witch, Stella.

Along with Maya, a Servant with deep secrets he is deeply in love with, his best friend Edward, a Fool with dreams of being somebody different, Boodarat an Italian thief and his ferret, and Fergus an orphan taken in by Stella to bring people to and from her home in the mountains, Robert is in for one awakening journey. They all are.


5. Part 5




The King died, that was no surprise. The Queen’s power was taken away from her, and Ferguson, her true son, assumed power. She was thrown onto the streets, and she became a beggar. She soon found a man to live with who genuinely enjoyed her company, and she lived with him for a while, but it didn’t really work out for him so well. She killed him and played dumb about it, back to her old ways. Nobody, not even Ferguson, found out about it because two days after she killed that man, she suddenly died of a heart attack.


Since gaining power, Ferguson did not change his attitude and ruled over Lowcastle with a kind heart and a warm smile. He did everything he possibly could to help his people out. It took him a year, but he found somebody to be his queen. Her name was Henrietta and she was as kind a soul as he.


Edward was not out of a job as you may think. He continued to be employed as somebody who made people laugh, but he was not called a Fool any longer. He was simply Edward. And that’s all he ever wanted to be.


Maya and Robert happily lived in the castle, and they were expecting a baby. Claude was very excited to be a grandfather, and everybody in the pack waited to see if the baby would be able to shift.


Servants were out of jobs, but they still lived in the castle (Maya had been an exception for she had to take care of Claude) and assumed normal life.


Stella found a girl to pass down her knowledge to, Sarella, the girl who had asked for the Mugwart not that long ago. It appeared that her parents had abandoned her, and she’d had to fend for herself most of her life. Stella gladly took her in. Robert, Maya, Edward and Ferguson visited her regularly.


And that was the end of that. Or rather a beginning. But that’s another story.

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