The Wolves of Lowcastle

Filled with secrets, magic, werewolves and forbidden love, The Wolves of Lowcastle is a fantasy-filled-fairy-tale told in multiple perspectives that will leave you wanting more.

When Prince Robert's father falls ill, he is given the task of finding the cure- which happens to lie with the village witch, Stella.

Along with Maya, a Servant with deep secrets he is deeply in love with, his best friend Edward, a Fool with dreams of being somebody different, Boodarat an Italian thief and his ferret, and Fergus an orphan taken in by Stella to bring people to and from her home in the mountains, Robert is in for one awakening journey. They all are.


4. Part 4




When we were all ready to go, we left the inn and continued on our journey. I didn’t mind having to hold things for Maya, Edward and Ferguson, but I didn’t like holding things for Robert. He was the one who had made me come on this stupid trip. I still didn’t quite understand why I was there. He could have just sent me to jail and had been done with me, but instead he just made me carry their things.


That struck me as odd. I did not hate the man, but he was just a little off. Just a little too kind to be the prince of Lowcastle, when his parents were so evil.


“Boodarat, would you and Thief like some water?” Asked Robert, just as I was thinking about him. It was like he knew what I was thinking…


“I am saying yes, please. Is that right? Yes please?” I asked, unsure if I was speaking the right words. He nodded and I felt proud of myself. My English got better every day.


He handed me the water flask and I drank greedily, forgetting that there were other people who needed to drink as well. It was my nature though; I could not help who I was. But I did not get scolded, so I guessed that there was more water. I did not drink it all though, I gave some to Thief, who didn’t really want any at the time. But he drank anyway.


We walked for what seemed like hours until it was time for a break. We all ate some bread and cheese, drank some water, and talked. We were having a good time.


All of a sudden, a pack of wolves came bursting through the trees. They were growling terribly loud, almost like thunder, and Thief squealed and hid inside my coat. Robert and Edward jumped up, ready for a fight, but Ferguson and Maya just stood there.


I had to say something, simply stating the obvious, “There is seeming to be a large number of wolves…”


Maya took one look at Robert’s defensive stance and bowed her head in shame. They were scaring him, and so he was ready to kill any one of them, but to Maya, they were her people. I realized this and bowed my head as well. I felt terrible for her.


She took a step towards the wolves and said, “We are not here to cause you any harm. I did not realize that there were other packs in the area; I thought we were the only ones. We are simply on our way to the witch’s home. We will leave your territory now.”


One of the wolves stepped forward and something disgusting happened. He changed from wolf to man within ten blinks of an eye. He walked over to Maya, who did not look one bit disgusted and smiled, “You’ve grown up quite a bit since the last time we spoke.”


She looked at him, her expression not changing, “Peter? I did not know that you had a pack here. I apologize for the inconvenience of us being here.”


He shook his head, “That is quite alright. Why are you traveling with humans? Where is your pack?”


Her expression hardened, “We live as humans for most of the day. We only change when necessary. Have you forgotten that we are still half human? You stand here talking to me now, in one of your forms. You cannot always live as one. You were built to have the best of both.”


I looked at Robert, who looked completely broken. I wanted to comfort him, like I used to comfort my own son, but then I remembered that it would not be best. My own son had betrayed me. I did not want to remember that. But still, he looked so utterly upset that I walked over to him and put my hand on his shoulder. He did not remove it, but put his hand over my own and watched the events unfolding.


Maya and the wolf-man, Peter, spoke for only seconds more, and then he changed and went into the forest with his pack. She walked up to us and said. “I am sorry. Ferguson knew about me because his grandmother is the witch, so he deals with my people often. I suspect that Boodarat knows because he chased Thief into the woods one night while I was telling Ferguson. But Robert, Edward, I am truly sorry you had to find out this way.”


Thief came out of my pocket at the mention of his name and made a small cluck of curiosity. Robert picked him up and stroked him, not saying anything at all, while Edward said, “I’d heard of it when I was a boy, living in the village. So though I did not believe it then, it doesn’t really surprise me. Do not be sorry for what you are, Maya. That would like me being sorry for my birthmark. I cannot help it.”


I joined in, eager to change the conversation, “So, should we not be getting back to our journey?” But nobody really noticed. Everybody was looking at Robert, who was still just stroking Thief, not saying a word.


Maya walked up to him and tentatively reached out to stroke his cheek, “I didn’t want to keep it from you. But now that you know, I have something else I must tell you too.”


My heart thudded in my chest for her. What was she going to say? But she never got to say it, because Robert just shook his head and said, “I don’t want to know right now.”


He handed me Thief, and got up, “Boodarat is right. We have a journey to be getting back too.”


That was the last thing he said for good while.


The Servant


I was devastated. He wasn’t supposed to find out like this! I was going to tell him, going to show him. And then he would know the real me, maybe even…maybe even love the real me. He would know who he was too, but he didn’t want to know what I had to say, so he wouldn’t find out.


It was not fair. We travelled in silence for a very long time until Edward began cracking jokes, trying to lighten the mood. Soon, even Robert was laughing. All was not forgotten, but all was a little bit closer to being better.

I wanted to tell him so many things, but they would have to wait. We were almost at the witch’s place. There were just about two more hours until we arrived at her house, and Robert was finally speaking to me directly again.


We were taking another break, and Edward, Boodarat, Ferguson and I were laughing at something that I had said, when Robert’s hand appeared on my shoulder, seemingly out of nowhere. I turned around and there he was, with a smile on his face and the sun shining off of his blue eyes.


“Can I talk to you for a moment?”


I blushed, “Yes, you may.


He pulled me aside, a little deeper into the words than everybody else, and said, “I am not mad at you. But why did you never tell me?”


I rolled my eyes, “Would you really have believed me?”


He nodded his head, “Yes. Because when I was attacked when I was only a small child, I remember seeing you. Not as a human, but as a wolf. I remember how calm you made me feel, and even though back then I didn’t know it was you, I do now.” 


I gasped, “But…that does not make any sense! How could you not be terrified of a monster like me? I am disgusting to you!”


He put his hand under my chin and forced me to look into his eyes, “You are beautiful in every way possible.”


I was about to respond when Boodarat and Edward ran past us to catch Thief, who’d decided he would rather have a stroll than stay in Boodarat’s jacket anymore. We all laughed and ran to catch up with the others.


The Orphan


Some strange events brought my companions and I closer than I’d ever been with clients. Or any other human being besides Stella, really. It was nice, and also a little bit frightening, because I knew that I might never see any of them ever again.


We were just coming up the hill to my house when Stella opened up the door and ran outside, surprisingly fast for such an old woman.


“My Ferguson! Baby, come in da house. Bring your friends too, they here for a big reason and I have so much to tells them!”


I smiled as she ushered them in, fussing over them as if she’d known them forever. If she liked them, than I guess they were all right people after all. I usually had good judgment.


She sat us all down at the small table and brought us tea that she’d prepared in anticipation of our arrival. She knew exactly when we would get there. She turned to Robert and smiled, “So, Prince, your daddy is sick? What can I do for you?”


He ran his fingers through his hard and explained the whole story and we all listened. When he was done, she said, “I see. But you sure he wants ta continue livin? You know, if he dies, you gonna be one step closer to inheriting da throne. Don’t you wanna be a king?”


Robert shook his head, “I don’t feel like I should be. I don’t know…”


“What if I said you ain’t the prince after all?”


The Prince


“How could that happen?” I asked.


The witch took an old necklace off her neck and put it in a small saucer. She poured some alcohol on to it and blue flames burst out of the stone that was attached to it. I saw my own birth in those flames…at least; I thought it was my own birth. But when the baby came out and was not alive, I panicked.


I watched as the baby that was not I, was rushed out into the woods and met by Maya’s people. They traded the stillborn for…a baby with blue eyes. I vaguely remembered that day after. And realized that I was not truly the Prince. But who was then?


“Where is the prince buried?” I asked, a tremor in my voice.


She smiled and pointed to Ferguson, “He ain’t dead, Child. The real Prince is right here.”


She then turned our attention back to the fire, and in that, we watched as my real father, the former Alfa of the pack Maya had informed us, brought Ferguson’s body to the witch. He simply left him there and asked her to help him. She brought him back to life in the blink of an eye, and raised him as if he were her own. He was raised to believe that he was an orphan, when in reality I was the orphan. My mother died while giving birth to me, the wolf in me was too much for her to handle, and my father had died in a fire after giving me up almost a year after that.


I’d always known that I was different. And for the first time in a while, I was at peace with my own existence. It was a good feeling.


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