The Wolves of Lowcastle

Filled with secrets, magic, werewolves and forbidden love, The Wolves of Lowcastle is a fantasy-filled-fairy-tale told in multiple perspectives that will leave you wanting more.

When Prince Robert's father falls ill, he is given the task of finding the cure- which happens to lie with the village witch, Stella.

Along with Maya, a Servant with deep secrets he is deeply in love with, his best friend Edward, a Fool with dreams of being somebody different, Boodarat an Italian thief and his ferret, and Fergus an orphan taken in by Stella to bring people to and from her home in the mountains, Robert is in for one awakening journey. They all are.


2. Part 2


The Orphan


I walked in the door and as soon as I was home, I was happy to be there.


“Boy, you work so hard, sit down or you gonna just fall to your knees you so tired,” said Stella.


I shook my head, “I love working, it gives me something to do, plus I help so many people.”


Stella smiled at me then, her kind grandmother smile, and said, “I’ll put on the tea then?”


I smiled back at her, “Yeah, thank you.”


I worked as a Travel Guider, guiding people through the hills that led from here to the village. I also worked down in the village, helping out at every store possible, but it wasn’t really my job to help out. I just liked helping people.


I sat down on Stella’s large bed and said, “I love you, Grandmother. I miss you when I’m gone. I worry about you, too.”


It’s not often that I call her Grandmother, but I do when I need to let her know that she really is the only family that I’ve ever known. And that I love her every fibre. But I worry about her because of her age; to live one hundred and two years is a miracle in my opinion. But she’s a witch and they live for a very long time.


“Love you too, Fergus. I’m not dead yet, so don’t worry about me. Just you worry about yourself and you’ll be fine. You’re going to be great one day.”


Stella has always told me that I’m going to be great one day. I always laughed it off though. Me? Great? No. I’m just me, and that’s not too extraordinary. But she kept telling me anyway.


“How was work, Child?” Stella asked as she brought me some tea. Her dark brown eyes crinkled when she smiled at me, and I couldn’t help but smile back.


“It was great. The people this time were so nice; they paid me two gold shillings! Two! I was able to buy to stay in that fancy Inn last night. I didn’t have to sleep outside.” I replied.


She nodded her head, “Decent rich people are hard to come by these days, and so that was very kind of ‘em. I hope you thanked them, Boy.” I assured her that I did.


“It’s late,” I said when my tea was finished, “I’m going to bed.” I kissed her on her cheek and got up to go to my room. She nodded her head and hugged me close to her.


“You’ve got a big journey coming up.” I didn’t know what she meant by that, but I never really did. It didn’t matter because I’d find out sooner or later.


“Goodnight, Child.”




The Witch


My boy is ‘somethin else. Ferguson is what gets me up in the morning. He gonna do great things one day. I can feel it. It’s in his blood. 


I got up, my thoughts interrupted when I heard a knock at the door. That would be a customer, and I never turned nobody down. I walked to the door smiling when I noticed that it was a little girl.


“Why, hello Sarella.” I said.


The girl smiled at me and asked for some fresh Mugwart, which I gave to her gladly. It was always nice when the young ones came to me asking for some healing remedies. I liked the little ones, made me feel good. They was just so sweet I could eat ‘em up! Fergus was grown, but he would forever be my little boy. The boy that I brought back from the dead. Poor little ‘fella he was. But that was all over now, so I got up and went to my bed.


The Thief


I came here to be free of my country and what did I get? Nothing. It was just like Italy here, everybody didn’t accept me. So I steal from everybody. Too bad for them. I disliked England.


I weaved in and out of the crowd looking for something that I could take without getting noticed. I saw a young mother carrying her baby in one arm and a bag of apples in the other, and went for it. Two apples from a bag of many would not be missed. 


Slowly, I crept up behind the woman and slid my fingers into the bag, grabbing two apples simultaneously. I then slipped back into the crowd before anybody had a chance to see what had taken place. I had two apples now, one for me and one for Thief, my ferret. It was kind of funny that ferrets would be my favourite animals, seeing as I am a thief myself. I guess that was why I liked ferrets so much; they were like little versions of me.


I slithered into an alleyway to share my small fortune with Thief, who was waiting patiently in my coat pocket. I coaxed him out with the apple and he nibbled at it greedily. I smiled when he was noticeably full and put the apple into my pocket, then began on my own. Thief always ate first.


When I was done, I stored the core in my pocket along with the other apple, and was on my way. I’d decided that I was thirsty, so I’d go to the market and take something from there when somebody wasn’t watching. Maybe a nice hot cup of tea.


As I entered the marketplace, a young woman saw Thief and screamed, “A rat!”


I tried to calm her down, “No, no, is not! Is ferret!” but she didn’t want to listen to my foreign accent. I was not very good at speaking English, so people usually didn’t listen to me. Too bad for them.


I hurried out of the marketplace, no longer thirsty, just annoyed. A thief never catches a break.



The Queen


I killed my mother. I remember it clearly, as if it were only yesterday. I wanted the crown, and I very much deserved it more than she ever did. She was too soft on everybody. That was not the making for a good queen! She didn’t even wear a crown, so in my personal opinion, she never really was the queen. It was always me.


I thought about this as I walked the halls of my home, the castle Lowcastle. It was named so because it was built on the lowlands, near swamps and forests. That was where my mother was most comfortable. I could never understand why she loved nature and all of its sickly wonder. I hated it with a passion! Animals are disgusting as far as I am concerned. That’s why I killed her stupid cat too. Bad luck, the thing was anyway.


I continued thinking of my mother for quite a long time, as I wandered around the castle. Maybe I should look for Robert and see how he is doing. I don’t really care, but that’s what a good mother is supposed to do…


I looked for him until I got bored with the idea of seeing my only son, and decided that I was hungry. I’d have that servant girl make me some lunch.


“Girl!” I yelled, as soon as she came into view.


She bowed and said, “Yes, Ma’am? What may I get you?”


I walked over to her and slapped her across her left cheek, “Insolent child! Address me as ‘Your Majesty’ you disgusting creature!”


She mumbled an apology and tried again, holding her hand to her cheek. “What can I get you, Your Majesty?”


I decided that I was no longer hungry and simply walked away. If she was too stupid to understand that I’d changed my mind, I didn’t quite care. That was her problem, not mine.






The Witch 


I got up and took off my special necklace and put it down on the table. This necklace been passed down for generations in my family, it’s very powerful stuff. It’s made outta rope, stone and beads, but the power is in the one small stone. The beads are for praying. The stone got a spell cast on it by my great-great-great-grandmamma.


I got some pure alcohol, which is very hard to come by these days, and put it in a small saucer. I then put the necklace in the alcohol and watch as it goes up in flames. Magic flames they are. Gonna tell me what the ‘feelin was all about.


I said the prayer words and then an image appeared in front of my very eyes like usual. Was a boy, maybe a bit older than Ferguson. Prince Robert. He in for a long journey, gonna be coming here to seek my help. His Daddy gonna be in trouble very soon. Ferguson’s gotta help him find his way here, of course. He was such a good child, my Ferguson.


A journey was in store for them both. A ‘changin kind of journey. I only hoped it made them stronger.




The Prince


I was called into my father’s room by my mother, who in a terrible state of panic. I wondered what was wrong with him; he’d looked fine when I last saw him. “He’s not moving!” she sobbed, draping one arm over my father who was lying in his bed sound asleep.


“Did you try waking him up?” I asked, really not in the mood for her idiocies.


She shook her head, “Boy, what’s wrong with you? That’s your father! And yes, I tried everything!”


I shook my father and waited for his to react. There was nothing. That was strange; I wondered why he wasn’t waking up. “Father!” I yelled into his ear, and still there was nothing.


He was noticeably breathing, but nothing could be done to wake him up. It was like he was just stuck that way. My mother sighed and wiped her eyes, “What are we going to do?”


Maya walked in at that very moment and took in the scene. She mumbled something to herself and walked up to my father. “Wake up, Sire. I’ve made you a hot cup of tea,” but he said nothing.


She nodded again and asked, “How long has he been like this?”


My mother said between sobs, “Two hours,” and Maya nodded once more. “Majesty, I know of somebody who can help, but she lives very far away from here, up in the mountains, and you’d have to travel there yourself…”


“Not that evil witch!” yelled my mother, raising her hand to slap Maya. I stepped in between and said, “We have to try, Mother.”


She shook her head vehemently, “I’m not going all the way there without my carriage! Are you mad?”


I thought about it for a second and then said, “What if I go?”


My mother processed this and said detachedly and rather unconvincingly, “You’re my only son. I don’t want to lose you.”


This should have upset me, but it didn’t. I was used to the indifference shown by my mother. “I will go. I want to, even if it means I risk my life. But Maya comes with me.”


She slapped me and I didn’t have any time to react, as she said, “No She is my servant! How dare you?”


“Mother, I dare,” I stood at my full height, for my mother was a short woman and I was way taller than she, and raised my hand at her, “I said she comes with me. And she will come with me. And the Fool, he comes with me too. To entertain me on my journey.”


She just choked on another sob as she looked towards my father, “Do as you wish. I really don’t care. I just want him better.”


I grabbed Maya’s hand and we turned away from my mother, who was now making a huge scene about how brave I was. It was all an act for the people nearby, just in case they herd. “Come on, Let’s get Edward.”


The Fool


“What?” I said, completely surprised.


“You’re my friend, Edward. Besides Maya, you’re the only true friend I’ve got. Please, come with us. You’ll be off work for a whole three days.” Robert coaxed.


“You don’t have to ask me again, believe me, I’m coming. I’m just surprised is all,” I said. Robert’s father had been in an unconsciousness state for three hours now. I had never heard of such a thing, but it must be true if we had to travel all the way to the witches’ home.


“This is really serious. I am sorry about your father.” Said Maya. I laughed and shook my head at her, “He isn’t upset about it. If you’ve noticed, his parent’s don’t really come first on the list of people he likes.”


Robert nodded, “It’s just how it is. They’ve never truly loved me, so why should I care? I don’t truly feel like they’re my parents anyway. It doesn’t matter. But he is my father, so it must be done.”


Maya bit her lip and blushed, “But still, I am sorry.” This girl will never learn…


The Thief


The Prince was coming to the village. I was going to have myself a fortune when I was done with him! As to why he was coming I did not know, but I didn’t really care. Whatever it was, it was not my problem. Too bad for him.


Thief was getting restless, so I let him stick his head out of my coat pocket as I walked. He enjoyed this, sniffing the air in delight, squeaking hello to passers by. We were both in great spirits today! What a great day to be bad!


I spotted the Prince as I weaved through the crowd, and made a beeline for his large pockets. Surely he’d have some gold in there, or even silver. Rubies perhaps? But alas, I was spotted. It was not such a good day to be bad after all…


The Prince


I felt a strange sensation coming from my side pocket, and turned just in time to see a hand slide out of it. “How dare you?” I asked, in complete shock.


The man tried to run, but Edward and Maya grabbed him before he could make a run for it.


“Please, I need money to eat! I have nowhere to live; I am just a man trying to live my life!”  He said in a thick accent. “I beg for you to be mercy!”


“I think you mean merciful?” I smirked, taking him in. He was wiry in build with big bulging eyes. His red hair was a mess and his nose was upturned. He was just a typical village thief.


“I no good at English. Italian. You no understand, too bad for you!” He spit. I laughed then and decided not to let him go, but instead put him to use.


“I am not letting you go. But, instead I am taking you with me on my journey. I am going to the Witches’ home, up in the mountains. Are you any good at carrying things?” I said.


He nodded his head just as a small critter poked his head from his man’s jacket. “Thief, Nascondi!”


“Your ferret’s name is Thief?” I asked, amused that he’d name his ferret in English instead of his native tongue.


“Sì, il suo nome è Thief.” He said, which I interpreted as an agreement,


“He may come as well, seeing as you care so much about him. What is your name?” I asked.


“Boodarat,” he replied.


“Nice to meet you Boodarat. Now, Maya and Edward are going to let you go, I want your word that you will not run away.”


“Yes, no, I will no run. I stay.”


“Good,” I said as they let him go. He stuck to his word. He did not run.




We made our way to meet our travel guide, who said he’d meet us at the blacksmith’s, where he was helping out that day. When we arrived, a man walked out to greet us. He had thick messy brown hair and a small beard beginning on his chin. He was about Maya’s age, if not my age.


He extended his hand, “Hello, Prince Robert. I am Ferguson, your guide. The witch Stella is my maternal grandmother. I know the hills by heart and I promise that none of you will get lost with me as your guide.”


I smiled, “Please, my name is not Prince. It is simply Robert. It is nice to meet you, Ferguson. This is Edward, Maya, and Boodarat. The critter is Thief, Boodarat’s ferret.”


He shook our hands one by one, and even pet Thief, who seemed to enjoy all of the fuss over him. Boodarat attempted to steal from him, but a quick glance from Edward and stopped him.


“I am apologising. I tried to take you water flask. I Thief is what I do. Prince caught me and now I come with as apology job.” He said. “My English she’s not too good. I try to make you understand. You understand, yes?”


Ferguson laughed and handed over his water flash, “Next time just ask. And yes, I understood you just fine, Boodarat.”


He turned his attention to me, “We must get going now if we are to reach the Inn.”


I nodded, and off we went, Ferguson leading the way.

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