Orphic. (An Ashton Irwin Fanfic)

Orphic (Adj.) : Mysterious and entrancing; beyond ordinary understanding.


3. Two.

"That's the ting about pain; it demands to be felt."

- John Green (The Fault in Our Stars)


"No, I can't. Is she safe? Of course. Asleep. I'll take her with me. Everywhere. Yes. Okay, see you there. Yea. Bye." I was woken up by Ashton's whispers.

"Are you okay?" I mumbled, still trying to wake up completely.

"Huh? Oh, yes i'm fine. I did laundry and washed the clothes you had on. Put those on for now, we're going shopping with Niall, Harry and Calum." He said, sounding a bit confused. I nodded and got up, my clothing was neatly folded on the dresser.

"Thanks." I took them and headed toward the restroom. I changed into the light blue pair of jeans and the Jack Daniels tank I had on. Pulled on my old black pair of converse and pulled my hair into a long, messy fishtail braid and walked down stairs.

"Ready." I said to Ashton who was busy texting someone. 

"Hi." A young, asian looking boy smiled at me.

"Hello." I smiled back.

"This..." he pointed at him. "Is Calum, he's part of the band." I nodded and sat next to Calum.

"The others will be here soon." I nodded again.

"Soooooo... What's your name?" Calum asked.


"That's a cool name," I heard another voice say. "I'm Harry." 

"Naill." I heard another voice say as they both sat in front of me.

I smiled and looked at Ashton. He was still distracted by his phone.

"Shall we go?" Niall looked at me. I nodded.

We all got up and walked out. There was a van parked outside. We all go in and I sat in between Niall and Harry. They both kept somewhat of a conversation with me. Well, they tried at least. My attention was on Ashton who was still glued to his phone.

“Who are you talking to?” I looked at him, everyone stopped talking and they all turned towards Ashton.

“Uh… my girlfriend.” He replied, unsure of his answer. I nodded and turned towards Niall and Harry.

“So are you guys in the band or just some of his friends?” they both looked at me a bit surprised that I began talking to them.

“Both. See we’re his friends but we’re in a separate band called One Direction. They’re on tour with us.” Niall smiled.

“I see, what are you called?” I looked at Calum.

“5 Seconds of Summer.” He grinned. I nodded and the van stopped. We all stepped out. Ashton walked in an opposite direction the rest of us did which made me wonder where he was going.

“Where do you wanna go first?” Harry said while putting his arm around my shoulders.

“Can I have something to eat first, please? I haven’t had anything and I’m starving.” They all nodded and we walked towards a small café. We all sat at one table and ordered.

“So, tell us about yourself.” Harry said while playing with the sugar jar.

“What do you want to know?” I smiled at him.

“How old are you? Where are you from?” Calum spoke up, all their attention was focused on me.

“I’m 18. And I am from California. Not too far from here actually.” I said taking a sip of hot chocolate. They all nodded.

“Any hobbies?” Niall looked at me. I nodded.

“Softball.” They all looked at me confused and nodded.

“Do you play?” Harry said taking a bite of the food that was now on the table.

“Not since last year.” I said as I cut my food.

“Why?” I let out a deep breath.

“There was no point in it anymore. Don’t ask why.”

They all nodded and finished eating their food.

“Urban Outfitters,” Harry began. “You’ll love it there.”

“Okay.” I laughed. We walked through most of the mall and finally found Urban Outfitters.

“Sizes?” Niall looked down at me.

“Small.” I looked up at him.

“Alright boys, we know our mission and we must accomplish it. Grab whatever you want and the boys and I will grab some stuff you can choose from. Don’t worry about prices, money is no obstacle.” Harry smiled.

“Go.” Calum said. The boys began to speed through the store as if they were racing. I walked towards some clothing racks and began my search. I looked at the price tags and was surprised on how much one piece of clothing cost.

“I told you money wasn’t an object.” Harry said from behind me.

“Yea, but these prices are outrageous.”

“We have the money.” He smiled.

“I could never repay you though.”

“No need to. Go try these on.” I nodded.

“And these.”

“And these.” Niall and Calum handed me more piles of clothing. I couldn’t see over the pile.

“I’ll help.” Harry said taking the pile. We walk towards the dressing rooms and set the clothing down. I tried most of the clothing on and kept the ones I liked. Harry paid a large amount of money and we walked out.

“Dinner? My treat.” Niall smiled. They all agreed. I shook my head.

“No, I can’t. I’ve asked for too much already.”

“No, no, no. It’s my treat.” Niall pressed on.

“Alright. Something inexpensive then.”

“Corkey’s, you’ll love it.” he grinned. I grinned back at him. We walked towards the restraunt and were greeted by a nice waitress.

“Hello, I will be your waitress for the day. How many people?” she smiled.

“Um… 5, Ashton will be joining us soon.” Calum responded.

“Table or booth?”


It wasn’t any of my business but I started to wonder where he was all day. He said he was taking me shopping, not the other guys.

“Hey,” Harry looked at me, “sorry Ashton wasn’t with us all day. See he’s a bit bipolar. He has his good days but most are bad. He was probably with his girlfriend.”

“I understand.” I said. He put his hand over mine.

“Just be careful, when he has a bad day, he takes it out on people. I don’t want him to hurt you.”

“I can take care of myself. I promise.” I gave him a warm smile. His large hand stayed on mine, his thumb rubbing against it. Ashton walked in with a tall, blonde girl. He was half making out with her. He said hi to everyone at the table but me. Harry’s hand was still on top of mine and Ashton just stared at it. He looked at Harry as if he wanted to kill him.

“You alright mate?” Niall laughed, “You look like you’re about to kill someone.” Ashton laughed and ignored the question. We all ordered and ate. Niall and Calum walked out in front. Then Ashton and his girlfriend. Last, Harry and myself.

“I hope you enjoyed your day.” Harry said.

“I did, thank you.”

“And just in case you’re being sarcastic about having a wonderful day, here’s a little something I got you.” He smiled and handed me a bag from Urban Outfitters. He’d gone behind my back and gotten me something.

“Harry, you didn’t have to…”

“I wanted to.” He grabbed my hand and held it as we walked to the van where the rest of the guys waited for us. I could feel Ashton’s eyes burning into my hand as it was holding Harry’s but I ignored it. We finally got into the van and once we got home everyone piled out.

“Bye Lyd.” He smiled and gave me a huge hug. “See you tomorrow.” He walked to his car and drove off.

“Goodnight Lydia.” Calum said and gave me a hug, and walked off into the house.

“Night.” Ashton walked away, slamming the door behind him. Not another word coming from him.

“Ouch,” I laughed. Harry laughed too.

“Well, I should get going. We have a concert tomorrow; I hope you can make it. I hope we can hang out again, just us.”

“I do too.”

“Tomorrow morning? We can go get breakfast together.” He smiled. I nodded.

“I’d love to.”

“I’ll be here at 10 a.m. be ready.” He grinned. “Goodnight princess.”

“Goodnight Harry.” I smiled. He leaned down to my face, our lips just centimeters away.

“Uhm, you should really get going Harry.” I heard someone say behind me. I turned around. Of course, Ashton.

“Sorry, goodnight princess.” He grinned and hugged me. But I pulled him down by his collar and kissed his cheek, near the corner of his lip.

“Goodnight love.” I whispered in his ear. He let out a chuckle and drove off. I turned towards Ashton and smiled.

“Goodnight A…” he gripped my wrist. So tight I could feel it bruising up.  

“Don’t ever do that again. You understand. You’re mine.”

“I’m not property.” I said clearly. “You have a girlfriend and I have the right to be friends with whoever I want. It isn’t my problem that you left me alone with them. It’s your fault I like Harry. Yes, I like him and I’m seeing him tomorrow morning.” I spat, releasing his grip. I walked away toward Calum’s room.

“Do you guys have a guest room I can stay in?” He nodded and walked me towards it. All my clothing was in there and it was decorated in a girly way. My name in silver glitter over the headboard and on the door.

“Mike and Luke decorated it for you. We wanted to make you feel welcomed.” He smiled.

“Thanks.” I hugged him.

It was only 10 minutes later that I heard a knock.

“Come in,” I yelled. “doors opened.”

Ashton walked in and stared at me.

“I don’t want you with him.” He repeated. I stayed quiet giving him the silent treatment. He kept saying that and I said nothing. I stood up and was suddenly pushed to the wall by him. He repeated it and stepped towards me.

“You aren’t the boss of me.”

I felt his fist connect with my face. I couldn’t open my left eye anymore.

“I don’t want you with him.”



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