Orphic. (An Ashton Irwin Fanfic)

Orphic (Adj.) : Mysterious and entrancing; beyond ordinary understanding.


5. Four.

He was staring at me. I felt nervous, I debated on telling him or not. How would I tell him?

"Oh you know, the usual. I ran away from my abusive, alcoholic father and he saved me from him only to treat me the same way."

"Lydia... Lyd... Hello, you still there?"

"Wh-What? Nothing. He hit me because I didn't listen..." I trailed off.

"He hit you because wh..." He stopped when he saw Alice walking towards our table. He let out a deep grunt and he clenched his fist and threw it against the table which made a loud sound causing me to jump. 

"Hey guys, can I get you guys anything else. Or would you like the check?" she smiled, taking the empty mugs with her. 

"That'll be it," Harry gave her a smile. "I'll take the check." 

She nodded and walked away quickly, I looked around and noticed there was less people then there had been when we arrived. I turned to look at Harry only to find him with his eyes glued to him phone. His eyebrows knit together. I took the chance to get up and talk to Alice.

"Hey," I smiled at Alice who was focused on putting something into the cash register. "

"Oh, hey Lyd." she smiled back. "What's up?"

"I wanted to ask you if you guys are looking for someone to help out, you know since Jason quit." I said, picking at my nails.

"Yeah, you can come in tomorrow to talk to the manager Veronica but she already knows you so I doubt she'd mind." she smiled. I nodded and thanked her.

Harry had paid the check and was now waiting for me at the door. I walked towards him and he didn't say a word but he took my hand in his. I smiled at the small gesture that made my heart flutter. He led me to the car and opened my door before he jogged to the drivers side. The drive home was late except for Harry's soft humming to the songs on the radio. He was focused on the road but I could tell he wanted to say something but was finding the way to say it.

"If you want to say something, you can just say it." I said in a whisper I almost didn't hear myself.

"There's nothing to say other than, he had no right to lay a hand on you, especially because you didn't listen to him. You don't have to listen to anyone and I know you probably won't listen to me but you need to listen to you before anyone else." he sighed, "And you do have an option, move in with me and the boys. Don't stay with Ashton."

He had parked in front of a park, I watched as a little boy and girl ran hand in hand across the grass. They were smiling as they both fell to the ground and lay side by side with one another causing me to smile. Harry was staring at me intently waiting for me to say something and when I didn't say anything he hit his breaking point.

"Goodness Lydia, I cannot understand why you would ever say you deserved to be hit! He doesn't have a reason to hit you! Can you not understand how frustrating this is to me, nobody and I mean NOBODY deserves to be abused. Especially not someone as sweet and beautiful as you!" he yelled, pounding his fists on the steering wheel.

"I-I under-understand, j-just p-please don't hit m-me." I was crying and I hadn't notice until his face went from anger to guilt and regret because he realized he was beginning to scaring me.

"No. No, no, no, no love. I would never, ever think about hurting you. No, no, no I'm sorry, okay? Don't be scared." He reached for my hands but I flinched. He quickly got out of the car, jogging to my side and opening my door. He got down on his knee and looked at me. He puts a hand out and speaks up, "Please baby girl, don't be afraid of me. It's just me Harry, remember?" I nod and put my hand in the one he's offering. He helps me out of the car and we walk towards a park bench. 

​Kids ran around the playground with bright eyes and giggles and parents sat around on park benches watching the kids and having conversations. I looked up and saw Harry smiling as he watched a little boy share his ice cream with his little sister because hers ended up on the floor making her break into a fit of tears.

"Life was so much easier when we were younger," he smiles, noticing i've been staring. "It just seem that it's when we were the happiest. Nothing had corrupted our minds yet, nothing had hurt us yet and we were all so innocent. And then we grow up and all this hurt and pain builds up until we break." I nod in agreement and smile back at him. "But the people we surround ourselves with have so much to do with how much pain we allow ourselves to take. And at the end of the day the only person who matters is you. Because you have to decide on who you let into your life."

​"And I want you to stay in mine..." I finally speak up. And look at the playground which seems emptier now probably because it's getting colder and darker out now. 

"Then, come stay with me. I'll take you back home and you can grab some clothes, I'll be there with you so he doesn't do anything to you, move in with me. I'll take care of you, I'll keep you safe." he said, looking me straight in to my eyes and I could tell he was being honest.

I smiled and stood up, looking at him expectantly, he stood up a little after me and looked down at me with a confused look. I stepped closer, wrapping my arms around his neck and embracing me in a hug. He seemed taken aback for a moment but then wrapped his arms around my waisted. It was a hug, not just any hug though, it was the kind of hug that makes you feel warm and wanted. The kind of hug someone could use when you're crying yourself to sleep at night in your bed alone. It was the kind of hug that I've never gotten and that made me feel loved. As

As we pulled away I felt his minty breath against my skin, I looked up and we were only inches away. He smiled down at me and in that moment I knew that I wanted to kiss him more than anything else and I think he saw it in my eyes because he leaned down and pressed his warm lips to mine causing a zillion butterflies to erupt in my stomach and every question I had had been answered. When we finally pulled away, I smiled up at him.

"Yes, I will move in with you because you are the person who I want to surround myself with."

He grinned and hugged me tight."I've been thinking about kissing you since the first day I met you, and it honestly felt so damn good. Let's go get your stuff and take you home."

​I nodded. The drive home was filled with hand holding, and awful singing to the songs on the radio. Laughter filled the air once we got out of the car at Ashton's house. As we walked up the stairs, hand-in-hand, I giggled as he tickled my side. I walked into the house and Ashton was sitting to the recliner in the living room. When I walked in his head shot up, he sent me a smile, only to have it fade when he see Harry with his hand intertwined with mine. I looked at Harry who gave me a reassuring smile and I gave him a small smile back.

"I-I'm leaving." I said softly as I looked at Ashton who's anger only grew at my words. He didn't respond, so I took that as my chance to go upstairs and get some clothes. I walked up the stairs only to have Harry follow right behind me and Ashton followed behind him promptly. I began to pack a bag of only things I found useful. Ashton stared as Harry picked up the duffle bags and put his hand on the small of my back. He still didn't speak up. Harry and I began to make our was downstairs when Ashton called Harry.

Harry turned around expecting him to say something isolating but all Ashton managed to say was, "I care for her and I know she's safer with you than with me, just take care of her." Harry only nodded as we made our way to my new home.



I don't know whether I want to keep this story or delete it.

What should I do? I haven't made up my mind.

Thank you for reading.

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I love y'all.

- Vanesa 

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