Ariana aka Cleo aka Teddy is Harry Style's half sister at 18 her world is already full among other things that may just ruin her friendship with Louis Tomlinson will the tail get in the way or will Eleanor?


7. What you've done to me

Lying in bed my sister Gemma

I opened my door and near the hallway

“What now?” I asked her

“You have 4 people here for you.” She said

I sighed walking down I stopped by the door Gemma stayed there.

“Gemma.” I said annoyed

“What?” She asked

“Shoo.” I said

She groaned walking off. “What?”

“We need your help.” The girl said

“Yeah what is it I’m busy.”

“Zac fell into the moon pool while we were in the pool we were supposed to be guarding it and now his a merman.” Nixie said

“Youse have no idea how much trouble you guys have cause do youse?” I asked them

“What do you mean?” Zac asked

“His a merman in the past they have been known to cause havoc and ruin the kingdom.” I said

“Wait why do we trust her with this?” Zac asked again

“Your such an idiot she’s a mermaid perhaps the most powerful one to ever live.” Lyla said

“Wait how did you know this?” I asked curious

“We were informed by my sister.” Sirena said

“Well…” Sigh “are you coming in or not?”

“Sure.” They all said

"Don't wake up my brother and his mates he won't be happy." I snapped as they walked in

"I thought they were outback" Gemma said, looking from the couch with Lucky O's in her lap.

"They are but we're going outback where I can talk to them privately they won't be here for a long because they." I said looking at the 4 figures. "Are leaving after I talk to them for 5 minutes."

"Do they know?" Gemma asked

"Apparently." I whispered

"Okay I'll tell Mum your outback."

I nodded walking out with them sitting out on some chairs that the boys used last night to sing around the bon fire while Gemma and I realised I had these weird powers over water.

And I was still getting used to the idea that my powers could be dangerous in the case of a new moon.

"Okay you have me here what do you want?" I asked turning around the brown headed looked at me and sighed.

"We need your help."


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