Ariana aka Cleo aka Teddy is Harry Style's half sister at 18 her world is already full among other things that may just ruin her friendship with Louis Tomlinson will the tail get in the way or will Eleanor?


12. Trapped

This was it I thought if my secret got out I would be a science experiment.

Sitting up I decided to go to the beach sitting down 2 girls sat on the peer screaming and mucking around both the girls with brown hair.

Looking closely something was pulling up making one of the girls fall and lose her balance right now it was life or death getting up I ran on the peer and without thinking dove into the water looking around I was shocked at what I saw the girl with the brown wavy hair had a tail and she was trying to get the tentacle to let her go.

Quick reaction I swam down using my powers to freeze the tentacle making her escape I stopped as we stared at each other turning around I swam the other way getting out I dried myself my legs appearing sitting on the dry sand someone sat beside me glancing it was the mermaid.

“How did you become a mermaid?” I asked her

I heard her sigh but finally she spoke her Irish accent ringing in my ears. “I became mermaid in Ireland when I was nine years old. While my parents were busy at work, I went exploring and found a Sea Cave. I jumped into the sea cave's magical and mystical moon pool, and the full moon turns me into a mermaid. I wear a dark blue stone crystal necklace, which is a moon crystal from the cave where I became a mermaid, tied together with a brown string. I was turned in the very same cave where the mermaid Eva became a mermaid in the early 1700s.” She said “And you?”

“I went hiking fell in had a bath the next day and now I have a tail my Sister, Brother and his mates are the only one that knows.”

Pausing suddenly her friend ran up stopping in front of us he mouth open when she saw me.

“I’ve seen you before in 2010 you were there for Harry at the X Factor Auditions your Harry’s 2nd oldest child the middle child.”

Nodding I ran my fingers through my brown locks. “Yeah I’m a Styles alright.” Suddenly my phone beeped and I had a quick peep at it.


Your late for our little beach meeting

Chuckling to myself I stood up. “I have to go a friend’s expecting me.” Standing up I had one more look at the girl. “I didn’t catch your name I mean either of youse.”

“Katerina Rose.” The Mermaid said with a smile on her face

“Love Summers.” The best friend replied nodding I looked at them once more.

“Well I’m Arianna Styles and Katerina I would love to talk to you again tweet me.” Smiling I ran off.

I sat there watching as Louis came down the hill wearing boardies and a top.

Laughing he sat next to me wearing his goggles he also had a snorkel.

“You plan on going swimming today Mr Tomlinson?” I asked Louis.

He chuckled making me hide my smile. “No but I was hoping.”

I turned my head down a little bit to look at the sand kicking the sand with my feet. “I could take you swimming.”

He nodded. “Yes that was what I was hoping for.”

Standing up I reached out my hand looking at it he took it as I walked with him to where there was a giant rock beside that rock water climbing down the rock I watched Louis as he jumped down laughing I stood on the end of the rock that led into the deep clear water diving in I waited for my tail to pop up swimming back up I waited there as Louis put on his snorkel gear jumping in he waited taking his hand my tail hitting the water I swam beside Louis as he got a glimpse of the fish and everything underneath we kept on swimming as I swam us into the entrance to the moon pool I sat or whatever you want to call it onto the steps my tail floating on top of the water as I laid my head back Louis got up sitting his feet in the water.

“That was amazing.” Louis said looking at my tail

I laughed. “Don’t think it will happen again it was just this once.”

“Where is this place anyway?” Louis asked looking around

“The source of all my power Mr Tomlinson where I became a mermaid.” I said proudly.

“Really? It must be so cool having a tale.” He said laughing

“Yeah it has it’s perks now let’s go you go out first I’ll follow out.” Nodding his dived under as I swam after him jumping when a cage landed in front of the cave entrance blocking my entry way by now I could see Louis was already swimming to shore grabbing hold onto the railing I tried to get it out of the way so I could swim out but it wouldn’t budge something was holding it really tight.

Swimming back up I had a big look there walked out 2 people a man and a women in diving suits the girl pulling off her mask I was shocked by who I saw.

“Caroline.” I spat my voice full of hatred.

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